We’ll Help You Find a Way!

    We know these are difficult times. So we are here to listen.

    We will help you get back on your feet. Send an email to about how we can help you at this time with your mortgage, business and personal loan and credit card payments to ease your burden.

    We’ll get through this together!

    Mortgage Help

    Get help with your mortgage payments:

    • Defer your monthly payments for up to 12 months
    • Access funds from the principal amount paid on your existing Mortgage
    • Convert your existing mortgage to a reverse mortgage and access funds to meet your needs (must be 64 years and older)

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    Personal Help

    Get loan payment relief:

    • Defer your monthly payments for up to 12 months
    • Access an unsecured loan to assist with debt consolidation or any other purpose
    • Use the compulsory savings deducted from your monthly loan payments to cover your loan payments; or suspend it to lower your payments
    • Convert your credit card or Line of Credit balance to a loan with reduced monthly payments; or receive a temporary increase in your credit card or Line of Credit limit  Apply Now

    Adjusted working hours

    Some JN Group locations in Jamaica and in other regions in which we operate have adjusted their opening hours. If they are not listed in this section below, the regular opening hours listed on their respective websites, will still apply.

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    Long wait times if you call us

    Due to our temporary 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. operating hours, in keeping with the recent order by the Government of Jamaica, you may experience a longer than usual delay when calling our JN Member Contact Centre. If you need to make payments, please use our JN LIVE online banking platform,