The JN Bank Schools Savers’ Programme (SSP) is a banking
    initiative aimed at cultivating the habit of saving from a
    tender age.

    The JN Bank Schools Savers’ Programme (SSP) was launched in September 2001, with two schools. To date, 900 schools across Jamaica are participating in the programme.

    The programme is open to registered schools to assist with developing a sense of thrift among the students. The school categories are:

    • Infant/Basic schools
    • Primary/Preparatory schools
    • Secondary/High schools

    The primary objectives of the SSP are to:

    • develop a sense of thrift among the youth
    • assist in cultivating the habit of saving from a tender age


    • JN 24/7 ATM card
    • Open an account with $100 – JN School Savers Programme only
    • Competitive interest rates
    • Deposit and withdraw as you like


    • An opportunity for your child to win a JN Foundation GSAT scholarship
    • Free deposits and withdrawals at JN ATMs
    • Discounts from almost 200 merchants with your JN card
    • Online banking using JN LIVE
    • Free transactions at JN ATMs.


    For your child:

    • Parent/guardian to complete the SSP application and reference form
    • Submit completed form with the minimum amount to open the account:
      • Basic/Infant/Primary school – $100.00
      • All Age/High school – $200.00
    • Once the completed forms are returned with the designated amounts and documents, the account will be established by the school coordinator (selected by school principal)
    • Once the account has been established the student will be issued a passbook.

    Parents / Guardians:

    • Valid photo identification
    • Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) or Jamaican Driver’s licence bearing this number OR its overseas equivalent (Social Security Number (SSN) US Resident, Social Insurance Number (SIN) – Canadian Resident), National Insurance Number (NIN) – UK Resident
    • Proof of your address. At least one of the following: utility bill not older than six months, receipt, other bills
    • Telephone number(s) – (home, work and mobile)
    • Current and valid identification
    • Occupation and name of employer (if self-employed, the nature of self-employment)
    • Two (2) references
    • The minimum amount of JA$2,500

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