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Personal Line of Credit


A revolving loan facility on which you can depend. 


  • Offered in JMD only
  • Access unsecured amounts of up to 30% of income (conditions apply)
  • Access up to 80% of cash on Certificate of Deposit or investment with JNFM hypothecated to Line of Credit
  • Open ended loan tenure
  • Option to pay online using JN LIVE
  • Creditor life insurance (mandatory or unsecured)


  • Continuous access to loan facility (conditions apply)
  • No processing fee
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Continuous access to cash

Interest Rates (per annum) - Click to enlarge +
Collateral Interest Rate (per-annum) 1
Unsecured 17.5% per annum 2
JN Bank fixed savings 3% above interest rate offered 3
Secured 4.5% above rate offered on CD 4


    If your customer information with JN Bank is not up to date you will need to provide:

    • Completed Customer Information Form (CIF)
    • Proof of your address, which may be a recent utility bill in your name or credit card or bank statement 
    • Proof of your employment
    • Valid government issued identification card 
    • Tax registration number 
    • Two (2) references
    • Signed credit report consent form
    • Your pay slips for the last three months
    • A job letter from your employer

    Applicable charges

    • Annual facility fee of 0.75% per annum plus GCT
    • $100 per day, plus GCT for late payments
    • Over limit fee, $2,500 plus GCT

    Click here to read Terms and Conditions.

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