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Purchase new property with a JN Home Loan

Get great financing to assist you to purchase a new home or property


  • Up to 40 years to repay
  • Joint financing with NHT available


  • Up to $200,000 free contents insurance from JNGI, if contents insured value $1 million and over
  • 20% Discount on Motor Insurance from JNGI (per motor policy)
  • Free JAA Gold Membership for one year
  • Up to 20% in discounts from more 100 JN Rewards partners island-wide

Interest rate (per annum)and Financing information (click to enlarge) +
Purchase Interest Rate (per-annum) Market Value of Property Financing 1
Purchase of residence 8.5% $25 million or less Up to 95% 2
Construction of residence 8.5% More than $25 million, but less than or equal to $40 million Up to 90% 3
9.29% More than $40 million, but less than or equal to $50 million 85% 4
More than $50 million, but less than or equal to $100 million 75% 5
More than $100 million 66.67% 6
Purchase of land with infrastructure (road, water, sewage, electricity) 8.5% Less than or equal to $15 million 75% 7
9.29% More than $15 million 66.67% 8
Purchase of land with some infrastructure (with at least two of the above) 8.5% Less than or equal to $15 million 66.67% 9
9.29% More than $15 million 50% 10
Purchase of land without infrastructure 8.5% No limit on value of property 50% 11
Interest rates (eair) - Construction of Residence 8.839091% 13
Interest rates (eair) - Purchase of Residence 8.839091% 14


    • You must be 18 years or older
    • Valid proof of identification: passport, driver’s licence along with birth certificate; or voter’s ID along with birth certificate
    • Proof of income:
      • Employed- income verification letter or completed JNBS income verification form along with last three month’s pay slips
    • Proof of address: utility bill or cable receipt; bank statement, credit card statement or post marked envelope bearing name and address
    • Tax Registration Number


    * Notice of any rate change(s) will be provided in writing, by physical or electronic means, to our customers, 45 calendar days in advance of any such change(s) being implemented

Our promise to you

We will help you find a way to achieve your dream of owning a home