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Refinancing Mortgage

What is the maximum loan amount, and at what interest rate, can I obtain a loan from JN to refinance an existing mortgage?

You may access up to 85% of the purchase price or value of your property and at a minimum interest rate of 9.4% which is calculated on the reducing balance.

What is meant by: “The interest rate is calculated on the reducing balance”

It means every payment you make goes towards settling interest and reducing your principal balance. The interest is computed based on the principal balance remaining after each payment is made.

How long will it take to process my loan application?

A loan decision will be arrived at within three working days, once you have completed and submitted all the necessary documents and fees.  Where there is a delay, your Loans Officer will contact you.

How long after my loan has been approved does it take for me to receive the funds?

Once the conditions for approval have been met, your funds should be disbursed within 45 working days.

Do I have to come into the branch to apply for a loan?

JN makes doing business easier. You can apply for a loan at your convenience from our website. However, depending on your ability to provide the required information online, you may need to visit a branch or money shop to complete the application.
You may also contact a mobile loans officer who will visit you at your convenience to assist you with the process and to answer your questions. Click here to contact a mobile loans officer. 

Can I make my loan payments online?

At JN we make doing business as convenient as possible. You can make your loan payments from your JN account by using our online banking platform JN LIVE. If you haven’t registered, you may do so by visiting There is no charge to make your payments!