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Bethlehem Moravian College Grad tops JN WAY Ambassador programme

Fri 26 May, 2017

Ava-Gay Lindo, a graduate of the Bethlehem Moravian College in St Elizabeth, was named the 2017 recipient of the Managing Director’s Award for Exceptional JN Youth Ambassador during the JN Wise Aspiring Youth (JN WAY) Awards Banquet 2017, held at the Mona Visitors’ Lodge in Kingston on Sunday, May 20, 2017.


Ava Gay Lindo (left), graduate of the Bethlehem Moravian College, accepts the Managing Director’s Award Exceptional JN Youth Ambassador from Angela Fletcher, Chief of Sales at JN Bank during the JN Wise Aspiring Youth (JN WAY) Awards Banquet 2017, held on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at the UWI Mona Visitor’s Lodge in Kingston.


One of 31 JN WAY ambassadors, from 20 tertiary institutions across Jamaica who completed the fourth iteration of the initiative, 24 year old Ava Gay distinguished herself among her peers during her year-long tenure.

Ava Gay, who recently graduated from Bethlehem Moravian College with an Associate’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, said that her greatest challenge as an Ambassador was convincing persons to open accounts. 

“I had to persuade them and let them understand that saving is very important throughout their lives,” she said.

Her success in JN WAY was buoyed by the fact that she averaged up to 25 new or reactivated accounts each month of her tenure, a testament to her bold efforts to encourage her peers and members of her school community to become regular savers with JN Bank.

“My view on savings before this programme was, ‘what is saving? As a young girl, live life’, but with JN Bank, I started to realize that saving is for rainy days and there will be emergencies where I will need money,” she noted.

Hailing from the parish of Portland, Ava Gay attended the Sydney Pagon Agricultural High School in St Elizabeth before matriculating into the Bethlehem Moravian College where she was encouraged by her lecturer, Nadine Black, to apply to become a JN WAY Ambassador in 2016.

As well as winning the top Ambassador award, Ava Gay was also named Sales Ambassador of the year and JN WAY Marketer of the Year for her efforts, and she credits this success to persistence and hard work.

She explained that, “I went out and just tried to get persons to understand why it was important to save. I was always willing to answer questions from persons about the products and JN Bank and just tried to represent the organization to the best of my ability”.

Since its inception in 2014, the JN WAY programme has been responsible for the opening and reactivation of just over 2,000 savings accounts, which continue to be maintained. 


Members of the 2016 cohort of JN Wise Aspiring Youth (JN WAY) ambassadors who completed the fourth cohort of the program, strike a pose following the JN WAY Awards Banquet 2017 held on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at the UWI Mona Visitor’s Lodge.

Angela Fletcher, Chief of Sales, JN Bank, in congratulating the outgoing cohort of Ambassadors, pointed out that they stood at the “frontline of the organization’s effort to engage with the next generation of movers and shakers in Jamaica.”

She noted further that “JN Bank continues to roll out new and innovative product offerings that we believe will meet the evolving needs of our clientele. Already we have optimised our online banking experience, making it peerless in terms of functionality, range of services and responsiveness to the needs of our members.”


Winners of the special JN Wise Aspiring Youth (JN WAY) awards disply their trophies following the end of the 2017 JN WAY Awards Banquet held on Sunday May 21 at the Mona Visitors Lodge in Kingston. They are from (L – R) Rasheda Blake, JN WAY Team Player of the year, Ava Gay Lindo, Managing Directors Exceptional JN Youth Ambassador, Sales Ambassador and Marketer of the Year, Suwayne Mendez, Most Reliable Ambassador and Kerece Stewart, Most Improved Ambassador of the Year.

Sectional awards for Most Reliable, Most Improved, Team Leader and Team Player of the year, were presented to Suwayne Mendez, of the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI), Kerece Stewart, (CMI), Odale Sinclair, University of Technology (UTECH) and Rasheda Blake, Mobay Community College, respectively.