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A loan to cover your car payments and motor insurance

A financing option that combines your motor vehicle payments, while providing you with maximum insurance coverage.



  • Up to 8 Years to repay
  • 100% financing on vehicles up to 5 years old
  • Combined loan payment & insurance premium into a single monthly payment for the life of the loan
  • Accident forgiveness – no increase in premium for the life of the loan even if an accident occurs
  • Compulsory Savings - JA$2500 monthly


  • Unlimited roadside assistance through JAA
  • Document Renewal through JAA – fitness and registration renewed on behalf of the customer
  • Discounts from almost 200 merchants with your JN card
  • Access to online banking using LIVE by JN
  • Free transactions at JN ATMs

Interest Rates (per annum) - Click to enlarge +
New Vecicle 8.90% 1
Used Vehicle 9.85% 2
Interest rates (eair) - 9.2722% - 10.3071% 4


    Additionally, Insurance premium financing in collaboration with JNGI.
    • Insurance Certificate delivered annually
    • Fitness Valet Service through JAA

    Insurance Limits & Benefits

    Liability Limits
    • $10 Million (bodily injury) Any One Person
    • $10 Million (bodily injury) Any One Accident
    • $10 Million third party property damage
    Standard Extension Clauses
    • Windscreen Damages - $50,000 (Maximum of 1 claim during any one period of cover)
    • Wrecker Fee - $35,000
    • Manslaughter Defense - $100,000 any one period of cover
    • Personal Accident - $50,000 aggregate any one period/any one claim (insured only)
    • Loss of Use $2500 per day for a maximum of ten (10) days
    • Personal Effects - $5,000 any one claim
    • Audio Equipment $10,000 without excess (factory fitted only)
    • Medical Expense - $25,000 per person/ $100K aggregate any one period of cover
    • Fire Damage to Garage - $5,000 maximum any one period of cover
    Required Documents
    • Valid proof of identity/age
    • Birth Certificate
    • Tax Registration Number
    • Proof of Address
    • Proof of Income
    • Last three months: Official Pay Slips OR Official Bank Statements OR Copies of negotiated cheques (back and front)
    • Completed Motor Vehicle Loan Application Form
    • Completed Statement of Affairs
    • Written Confirmation of Existing Loans
    • Completed CIF NM Personal Consent Form

    * Notice of any rate change(s) will be provided in writing, by physical or electronic means, to our customers, 45 calendar days in advance of any such change(s) being implemented

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