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JN Scholars Urged to be Agents of Change

Wed 27 Sep, 2017

Dahlia Harris (left), Communication Specialist presents Cadene Bromfield with her GSAT certificate at the JN Foundation GSAT Awards Reception.

Dahlia Harris, Communication Specialist and Television Presenter, urged recipients of the JN Foundation Grade Six Achievement (GSAT) Awards to be agents of change.

“We urge you to be the change, because we know that students in this group can be the change," she told them. "You are the young ladies and gentlemen who can go out there and make a difference in this country and the world. Believe that you are the change, believe in the greatness in you and that can come from you."

She was the guest speaker at the awards reception, which  was held at JN Bank, on Constant Spring Road in Kingston, on Sunday, September 10.

Miss Harris also informed students that they are from a bloodline of greatness, as she made reference to the world’s fastest man, Dr. the Hon. Usain St. Leo Bolt; renowned reggae artiste, Bob Marley; and Dr. the Hon. Louise Bennett Coverley, “Miss Lou,” who championed the Jamaican colloquial language “patois,” to be accepted.

“When you go to universities around the world, there are archives and collections where people are studying this woman because of the way she helped us to embrace our native language. Howard University in the United States of America now teaches patois,” she pointed out.

However, the Jamaican playwright noted that being an agent of change can sometimes be challenging and urged JN scholars to see this as charting a course to benefit others.  

“Sometimes being the change and making the change isn’t even about what can I achieve. It is about making a platform for other people to get there. It is making a platform for Jamaica to get there. It is being the foundation on which something can be built; and that is what I want you to think about,” she said, pointing out that being JN Scholars meant they were a cut above the rest.

Dr. Renee Rattray, senior manager, Learning and Development, The Jamaica National Group, said that JN was a firm believer in developing Jamaicans through education and  awarding bursaries was one way to invest in the growth and development of young people.

“Education is serious business in The Jamaica National Group, we believe in its ability to develop our people and to develop our economy, especially in rural parishes,” she sated.

Forty-one outstanding students in this year’s GSAT were awarded five-year bursaries; and represented the highest number since the inception of the JN Scholarship Programme in 1983.

Annually, the JN parish and school saver’s scholars are selected by the Ministry of Education; and JN employees are encouraged to apply on behalf of their children, once they attain a minimum average of 85 per cent.