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Successful Organisations Need “Intrapreneurs”

Wed 27 Sep, 2017

Maureen Hayden-Cater, Managing Director, JN Bank and Saniah Spencer, Chief, JN Bank Marketing and Product Development, share a laugh with Alvin Day, renowned international motivational speaker during a recent leadership breakfast for JN Bank middle and senior managers at Eden Gardens, St Andrew.  

Internationally renowned motivational speaker, Alvin Day, has encouraged more local corporate organisations to develop the culture of leadership among their employees to achieve greater success.

Speaking to JN Bank's middle and senior management at a leadership breakfast recently, Mr Day stressed that successful companies are no longer those with employees who function by instruction, but employees who think “intrapreneurial."

 “Do you want to be happy in your work?” he asked the JN Bank employees. “Tek it over!” he quipped.

“Companies want people who are business-minded. They don’t want people just sitting at a desk and doing what we tell them,” he explained, pointing out that many international companies were discouraging long service and encouraging dynamism among their employees.   

“Be an intrapreneur, which means [you can] be an entrepreneur on the inside, without risking your life savings and everything to start a company,” he advised.

The Jamaican-born and raised, US-based motivational coach, stressed that to be successful, people must see themselves as leaders. “It’s the single most consistent thing about successful people,” he said. "However, leadership does not come naturally to everyone; therefore, coaching is necessary." 

“If you want to be great, if you want to be different, you have to learn how to be coached,” he underscored. “And, if you are going to be successful you need a coaching combination- not just a classroom lesson, you need someone to work with you personally."

He stressed that it was no longer enough for people to be competent academically, but to learn by doing and developing their expertise. And, he also noted that even with skill, success is not fully realised without hunger and passion. 

“You will never get to the top of your game by only being skilful. Something has to happen in your belly,” he emphasised, underlining that, "leadership has to come from heart."

Similarly, managing director, Mrs Maureen Hayden-Cater, encouraged her middle and senior managers to see themselves as leaders; reminding them about the role that JN  played in shaping the financial sector and wider Jamaican society...for nearly a century and a half.

“We must not see ourselves as people simply to be led; but as leaders,” she said. 

She reminded her team that "JN did not emerge as a thought leader in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, by waiting on others to lead. JN did so by stepping out front, when no one else would; by offering loans to the micro business sector, when no one else would; or, investing in school transformation by strengthening the capacities of our school leaders, even as other entities simply donated computers and furniture.”

She reminded JN Bank employees to maintain their sense of self and value; as well as, to be bold and confident.