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JN Bank donates A/C units to Kingston Central CIB

Fri 06 Oct, 2017

Detective Inspector Sandra Morris-Taylor (left) turns on one of the air condition units that were donated to Kingston Central CIB. Looking on are  Superintendent Wilfred Campbell with responsibility for the Kingston Central Division and Candice Minott, Brand & Integrated Marketing Manager at JN Bank. Occasion was the official handover of air conditioning units to the Kingston Central CIB by JN Bank and the JN Foundation.

Some 40 law enforcement officers of the Kingston Central CIB are operating in a cooler working environment following the donation of two air conditioning units by JN Bank through the JN Foundation.

The units were officially handed over to representatives of Kingston Central CIB on Monday, September 25 at offices of the Kingston Central CIB on East Queen Street in Kingston.

Candice Minott, Brand & Integrated Marketing Manager said JN Bank was happy to have sponsored the units through its philanthropic arm, the JN Foundation.

“The air condition units for the Kingston Central CIB were identified as an area of need and we were more than pleased to provide the units so that our hard working law enforcement officers can work in a comfortable environment considering they are on the frontline of fighting crime each day,” she said.  

Superintendent Wilfred Campbell with responsibility for the Kingston Central Division commended JN Bank and JN Foundation for the gifts, which he said have made a difference in the working environment.

“On behalf of the Kingston Central management team and all the members of staff here, this is a real honour to be considered by JN Bank for the consideration to make our members more comfortable. We thank you wholeheartedly for the gifts and we hope that this partnership will continue,” he said.

Adding to the commendation, Detective Constable Dwayne Valentine at the Kingston Central CIB said that since the installation of the units, the working environment has been much more comfortable.

“It is something that we all appreciate because of the work we have to do where we are on the road doing enquiries and when you come into an office space that is very comfortable, it certainly makes the work easier especially since sometimes the work can be very hectic,” he said.

Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Sandra Morris-Taylor said the air condition units will benefit more than 40 team members whom she said were battling with the heat prior to the installation of the units.

“We are very grateful a few months ago one member of staff said to me that JN had taken us out of the oven and placed us into a more comfortable working environment and this morning we are entirely grateful in that we enjoying the cool environment. Thanks very much for taking us out of the heat,” she said.

Sebrina Brown, projector officer at JN Foundation said that the donation of the units were part of commitment given on Labour Day to the Kingston Central Police Station, which  was one of the national Labour Day  Projects on May 23, 2017.

“It has been a real honour for Jamaica National to be part of this initiative because community building and encouraging a spirit of nationalism is very important to Jamaica National,” she pointed out.