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Great Tips For Saving Money

Tue 31 Oct, 2017

  1. Write a list before you go shopping – and stick to it. Don’t pick up anything that’s not on the list, no matter how tempting, and you’ll come out of the store saving a bundle.

  2. Have a potluck party with friends at home instead of going out. Almost every activity at home is less expensive than going out. 

  3. Instead of throwing out some damaged clothing, repair it instead. Don’t toss out a shirt because of a broken button – sew a new one on with some closely-matched thread. Simple sewing saves a lot of money by keeping you from buying new clothes when you don’t really need to.

  4. Learn how to create a cost-effective wardrobe. Buy clothes that mix and match well and you’ll not need nearly as many clothes. If you have five pants, seven shirts, and seven ties that all go together, you have almost an endless wardrobe right there just by mixing and matching. 

  5. Rent out unused rooms in your home. Do you have an extra bedroom that’s not being used? Rent it out. 

  6. Give up expensive habits, like cigarettes and alcohol. Those habits cause money to flow away from you with nothing in return and could negatively affect your health and wealth.

  7. Try generic brands of items you buy regularly. Instead of just picking up the regular brand of an item you buy, try out the store brand or generic version of the item which is just as good– the only difference between the two, often, is the marketing. 

  8. Give a gift of a service instead of an item. For new parents, give an evening of babysitting as a gift. 

  9. Start a garden. Gardening is an inexpensive hobby that can produce vegetables for you to eat.

  10. Go for reliability and fuel efficiency when buying a car. A reliable and fuel-efficient car will save you thousands over the long haul. 

  11. Make sure all your electrical devices are on a surge protector. This is especially true of your entertainment centre and your computer equipment. A power surge can damage these electronics very easily, so spend the money for a basic surge protector and keep your equipment plugged into such a device.

  12. Carpool. Is there anyone that lives near you who works in close proximity to you?  Why not ride together, alternating drivers each day? You can halve the wear and tear and gas costs for your car – and for your acquaintance as well.

  13. Cut back on the convenience foods.  An hour’s worth of preparation one weekend can give you a ton of cheap and handy meals that will end up saving you a lot of cash and not eat into your time when you’re busy.