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JN Bank Ushers in New Leadership

Thu 30 Nov, 2017

Curtis Martin, Chief Financial Officer for The Jamaica National Group, and new Managing Director of JN Bank Limited, addresses the Group’s Annual General Meeting on November 14. Karene Miller, Group Corporate Secretary, listens keenly.


Following the reorganisation of the JN Group and the conversion of the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) to a commercial bank, Mrs Maureen Hayden-Cater will demit office as Managing Director of JN Bank, effective November 30.

Mrs Hayden-Cater, who joined JNBS in October 2015 at the height of the Group’s restructuring, played a leading role in the transition of the country’s largest building society to become one of the top commercial banks in Jamaica.

Hon Oliver Clarke, Chairman of The Jamaica National Group, of which JN Bank is a member company, expressed appreciation to Mrs Hayden-Cater for her leadership during the transition, which culminated with the launch of JN Bank on February 1 this year.

“The Board of Directors of JN Bank and The Jamaica National Group are grateful to Mrs Hayden-Cater for taking the organisation through this phase and historical milestone,” Mr Clarke said.

Mr Curtis Martin, who currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of The Jamaica National Group, will take up the post of Managing Director, JN Bank, subject to the approval of the Bank of Jamaica.

Mr Martin, who joined JNBS in July 2013 as Assistant General Manager, Treasury and Investments, has had extensive experience in banking, corporate finance, treasury and investment management, serving several leading financial institutions in the private and public sectors for the past three decades.