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JN Bank UK Representative Office & The Voice Newspaper Fete Stockwell Good Neighbours Club

Mon 08 Jan, 2018

Horace Hines (right), General Manager of JN Money Services Limited presents a gift to a pensioner from the Stockwell Good Neighbour’s Club.


PREDICTIONS of snow and inclement weather were not severe enough to prevent pensioners from the Stockwell Good Neighbours Club from enjoying a festive get together.

More than 40 pensioners gathered at the Oval House Theatre in South London for a tasty meal, followed by a rousing rendition of Bing Crosby’s, "White Christmas," among other songs and carols.

Led by Lesley Allen, Club Coordinator for the past 18 years, members enjoyed a programme of entertainment and celebration throughout the day, to mark the last regular Monday meeting of the year. They celebrated both the Christmas Season and the joy, energy and vibrancy with persons as old as 104  years. Members of staff of the JN Bank UK Representative Office and The Voice were on hand as volunteers to assist them.

The JN Group and The Voice team led by executive director; and, Ms Paulette Simpson; and JN Money Services', managing director, Mr. Horace Hines were among those who participated in the day’s activities.

In addition to presenting gifts, the team undertook many roles to ensure that the regular support team from the Stockwell Good Neighbours were assisted to make the event a memorable one for the pensioners.

Among the club members in attendance was Mr. Eustace Stevens, a retiree, who worked in the building trade for 33 years after his arrival in the UK from Jamaica on the SS Belgraviain May 1962 who spoke about his love for the Club.

Other Club members voiced similar sentiments. Club member Ann Daley said, "This is the best club," and ,as a retiree who hailed from Old Harbour in Jamaica, she said there was no other group that offered the support and love she feels. It was a view shared by Mr. Turid Powell, a club member for five years, who said Stockwell Good Neighbours were “simply the best around.’’

For Mr. Alex Clarke, Operations Manager for the Ovalhouse Theatre, it was another enjoyable occasion to be with the group which he has worked with over the years.

As the day came to an end, Ms. Lesley Allen, a former mental health nurse said that club members had stolen her heart. I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than

helping to bridge the gap for the elderly who needed love, care and attention." She thanked all who attended and extended Christmas greetings while quickly looking ahead to plan an event for another group on the weekend.

As people departed, 100-year-old Levi Allen, recited Psalm 91; and conveyed his

blessing to all in attendance. It was clear that they all had a good time.


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