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Meet Shevon Cole: Acting Sales and Marketing Officer

Mon 08 Jan, 2018

Shevon Cole, Acting Sales and Marketing Officer at the JN Bank UK Representative Office is passionate about his job, as he meets the daily challenge to position the JN Brand in a positive manner.

“I enjoy building and retaining relationships with the internal and external colleagues and being able to assist them when called on,” he said when pressed on what he enjoyed most about his job.

An avid sports fan, Mr. Cole’s job entails scheduling and executing upcoming marketing activities; offering financial and non-financial sponsorships to communities in the UK and sending information on a weekly basis to our members about JN Bank’s products and services.

Mr. Cole, who has been at JN Bank UK Representative Office for the past three years, said that he learned how important marketing is, in terms of, putting the JN Brand first in everything.

 “Whether it is big or small, it plays a major role,” he explained, noting that his job gives him the opportunity to meet diverse persons. “Earlier this year, I met famous persons, such as: Usain Bolt, the world fastest man, who is also Jamaican; Levi Roots, a Jamaican business entrepreneur, and many more. I’ve also met some of my counterparts from Jamaica, who visited the UK recently, whom I really appreciated,” he disclosed.

A Jamaican by birth, Mr. Cole migrated to England, as a child; and has spent most of his life there. He attended Stockwell Park Primary School, high school; subsequently matriculated at Ruskin College.

“I like to read in my spare time, attend movies and socialise with friends and family. I am a huge music fan of all genres; but, reggae in particular. Over the years, I’ve also developed keen real interest in swimming; I find that it is a great way to keep active,” he said.