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JN Bank Makes Banking Easy Online

Wed 31 Jan, 2018

Since its introduction in February last year, JN members have been responding positively to the online account opening feature via its website, or its online banking platform, JN LIVE.

The feature is available to members whose account information is fully up-to-date in accordance with Know Your Customer (KYC) policy and allows existing account holders to open new accounts online for most account types, without the need to visit a branch.

Deborah Wilson, who has used the online feature to open a US dollar account, described the experience as “fast and easy”.

“The convenience of it is what is most impressive. Imagine being able to open a new bank account without having to join a long line in a banking hall and filling out a plethora of documents,” she said.

“The JN Bank website is also quite nice to look at and very easy to understand and navigate,” Miss Wilson added.

Tasha Tomlinson, another JN member, also had rave reviews for the website and its features.

“I used the online account opening feature when I was getting married and wanted a bridal registry account. It was a simple and straight to the point process,” Mrs. Tomlinson remarked.

She added, “This is the way to go. In this day and age when most people do their business via the Internet it is only natural that a financial institution that wants to stay on top of things would offer this service.”

Saniah Spencer, chief, marketing and product development, JN Bank said the service was introduced to provide more convenient services to Jamaicans and to raise their level of confidence when doing business with the financial sector.

She noted that the service also allows members, who do not have all their records, such as phone numbers and valid identification, up-to-date with the commercial bank; and also non-JN members, to complete most of the account opening process online, but, not the entire process.

Ms Spencer said the account opening feature is only a small part of the Bank’s broader, convenient electronic banking services.

She noted that the JN LIVE online banking platform has enabled members to do all of their everyday banking activities without much hassle. Users can pay bills; transfer funds to other JN Bank accounts and other banks locally; as well as wire funds; purchase phone top up; monitor credit card payments and usage, among other convenient transactions.

The JN Bank website also has other smart features, such as its ability to assist users to determine the right savings account to satisfy their financial outcomes. They will be directed to answer a series of five simple questions, which includes the sum they wish to save, and the tenure.

The website then suggests the savings account that’s best suited to help them to achieve their target or intent.

Users can also calculate the actual interest they will be able to earn on their deposit, using a savings calculator, which is also available on the website, to assist with their decision-making. 

Ms Spencer, says the bank is moving to allow persons to open chequing accounts online and complete loan applications in the next phase of its online project.

“Our aim is to empower members and Jamaicans by providing access to banking services in a convenient manner. Access and convenience are an important value of JN membership,” Ms Spencer said.