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Instilling Confidence to Build a Nation

Wed 31 Jan, 2018

As the dawning sunlight often fills the heart with hope and energy, so was the feeling many Jamaicans experienced, as they witnessed history at the unveiling of the deep-blue and gold insignia of JN Bank, which many call the “People’s Bank.”

Invigorated by nearly 144 years of empowering people, pride swelled in the hearts of those who watched in the streets of Half-Way-Tree, St Andrew, a year ago, as JN Bank, the first commercial bank to be fully owned by its savers and borrowers, stood out confidently, bold and different.     

The Bank's covenant with its members and Jamaicans, declared that it would:

  • Offer services and products to dignify them
  • Provide technology-backed solutions to improve their convenience
  • Produce products and services at competitive rates and fair fees 
  • Generate clear, relevant and timely information, so that our members and customers can make informed decisions

JN Bank remains committed to this promise.

Today, we remain singularly focused on the philosophy of our parent, The Jamaica National Group, to provide financial solutions to Jamaicans, locally and overseas, to raise confidence and position them as an independent people, ready to “boldly move, live, work, play, and raise families,” where ever they live.

Since our conversion to JN Bank, we have innovated banking products and services by providing more options for chequing accounts, for example, and introducing technological innovations, such as complete online account opening for members. Cardless ATMs have also been installed across our branch network to provide even more banking convenience for our members; and we continue to empower Jamaicans through financial education.

These solutions were developed and introduced, because we recognise that JN Bank is not merely a "financial institution," but "a cause" for the economic and social development of a nation through the empowerment of its people. We recognise that for JN Bank to grow, Jamaica must grow, and, therefore, building confidence must remain at the centre of the JN mandate, as it has been for more than 144 years.

As we mark the anniversary of this milestone in our journey, we are positive that JN Bank will assist many more Jamaicans to "find their way" for many more years to come, and unearth our golden potential so aptly symbolised by the colours of our national flag.  

Confident people beget successful countries and JN Bank will continue the "cause" for the development of Jamaica by raising the confidence of Jamaicans, wherever they reside.