Elderly Resident at Night Shelter…


Elderly Resident at Night Shelter…

Looks forward to a Happy Christmas

Jeremiah Welsh (left) a resident at the Marie Atkinson Night Shelter, poses for a photo with Natasha Levy, Marketing Manager, JN Money Services, owners and operators of the JN Money Transfer brand on December 19. Welsh was one of almost 200 persons treated to a luncheon by JN Money Transfer team as part of the season of good cheer.

A stroke may have forced Jeremiah Welsh to move around with the assistance of a walking stick; however, it has not dampened his desire to enjoy the Christmas Season.

Mr Welsh, a 76-year-old resident of the Marie Atkinson Night Shelter (MANS) was polite and bubbly during the recent luncheon hosted by JN Money Transfer, as part of the remittance company’s desire to spread “Good Cheer,” on Monday, December 19.  Almost 200 residents at the shelter participated in the event.

“I am grateful, because things would have been difficult for me; but, I have life and I am looking forward to having a Happy Christmas,” explained Mr Welsh.  “And, today is good because we have visitors celebrating Christmas blessings with us, which is an event we look forward to at this time of the year.”

Prior to suffering from a stroke, Welsh lived alone in the Constant Spring area; and after his illness, he moved to the shelter, to guarantee that would be assisted in case he fell ill again. The “MANS” has been his home for the past two years.

“I recall when I got sick I could not move and was lucky to get help. I didn’t want to take the chance of being alone; therefore, I moved here to get help,”  he explained, noting that he was not as frisky as I once was; and had many friends at MANS.

A project of the Kingston & St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC), in partnership with Food for the Poor, The Salvation Army, and the Police Force, MANS provides shelter and meals for many homeless persons.

Natasha Levy, Marketing Manager of JNMS, owners and operators of the JN Money Transfer brand said that the luncheon was element of the remittance company’s corporate social responsibility during the Christmas season.

““This year we opted to do something different from our traditional Christmas treat for the needy. Instead of only treating the residents of the Marie Atkinson Night Shelter, we decided to spread the good cheer with 12 random acts of kindness,” explained Ms Levy. “This means that for everyday starting December 11, we do one act of kindness and today the shelter benefitted from this act of kindness,” she added.

Employees at JN Money Transfer have visited different facilities across the country spreading the good cheer; and will be visiting others in the days leading up to December 25.

Mavis Farquharson, Acting Inspector of the Poor for the KSAC, speaking on behalf of her team, said they appreciated the generosity of JN Money Transfer.

“We are happy that JN Money Transfer undertook this initiative; and grateful for their contribution. We normally prepare some 150 to 200 lunches per day; however, the number increases during the holiday season, because persons can walk in…and we do not turn back anyone,” said Ms Farquharson.

“Therefore, we received the call from JN Money Transfer about the luncheon we were thrilled and really thankful; and we hope they will continue to undertake initiatives such as this one,” she added.

Acting General Manager of JNMS Mr. Horace Hines stated that the money transfer company was committed to supporting Jamaicans at home and abroad, especially at this time of year.

“We believe in giving back to people and providing assistance to those in need as part of our commitment to improving the lives of Jamaicans,” explained Mr. Hines. “At this time of the year we look forward to spreading Christmas cheer, as it is the season of giving; and our 12 Acts of Kindness Initiative is one way in which we can demonstrate our love for others,” he added.

For Mr Welsh, the act of kindness displayed by JN Money Transfer was appreciated.  “The lunch was excellent and I liked how those present were friendly. I really enjoyed it; and I thank them, because they brought the message of Christmas,” he declared.

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