JAA Introduces Free 24-hour Air Pump Station


JAA Introduces Free 24-hour Air Pump Station

Air Pump

A member of the JAA team uses the newly installed Air pump to inflate the tyres of a car at the 7 Central Ave, Headquarters of the Association. The pump is available 24 hours for members and non-members of the JAA.

As one of its strategies to improve road safety, the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) has established a no-cost 24-hour air pump station at its Central Avenue office, in the Swallowfield area.

Duane Ellis, general manager of the JAA, says this initiative forms part of the organization’s commitment to advancing road safety advocacy in Jamaica, through its commitment to meeting the goals of the United Nations (UN) Decade of Action for Road Safety, which seeks to halve global road deaths by 2020.

Under this plan are a number of Road safety pillars, which are broad areas under which governments and other stakeholders have committed to work to systematically improve road safety.

Pillar three of this plan covers Safer Vehicles and we have pledged to support activities which ensure the road worthiness of motor vehicles traversing our nation’s roadways,” Mr Ellis said.

He explained that one of the more overlooked aspects of motorvehicle maintenance are tyres “and we are concerned that many motorists are driving vehicles with tyres that are not properly inflated. They are either under or over inflated, and this can affect the performance of vehicles, given the surface of our roads.”

The air pump, which is located at the front of the JAA property will be accessible to motorists during the daytime, while night time access will be supervised by security personnel stationed at the compound.

Mr Ellis pointed out that the new service fulfills a critical need of many motorists, who wish to maintain correct tyre pressure, but are unable to do so, due to a dearth of functioning air pumps at service stations in the corporate area.

Many stations do not maintain functioning air pumps, as a result of vandalism and thefts of the hoses and pump fixtures, so by offering this service, we are providing motorists with a ready option to fill their tyres,” he explained further.

He also emphasized the safety benefits that correctly inflated tyres can provide for the safe handling of a vehicle and the longevity of tyres.

For example, with under inflation, the car becomes difficult to steer and its’ response is slower because proper air pressure helps to distribute the vehicle’s weight evenly across the tyre tread pattern,” Mr Ellis emphasised, adding that similarly, “driving with over inflated tyres is also risky because they can lose traction, as they become deformed by excessive air pressure.”

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