JN Money Transfer Launches Online Service with Low fees


JN Money Transfer Launches Online Service with Low fees

JN Money Services (JNMS), owners of the JN Money Transfer brand, has launched its website, www.jnmoneytransfer.com, a first for a fully owned Jamaican remittance company. The online remittance service is currently available only to persons sending funds from Canada to Jamaica and to select countries across the Caribbean.

The service, launched on December 17th, will soon be available for persons sending funds from USA and the UK.

“We recognise that more persons are seeking safe, affordable and particularly convenient options to send money to their loved ones in Jamaica. And, our website will enable them to transfer money with fees as low as $1.99 from the convenience of their home, while on the go, or at work,” explained Horace Hines, acting general manager, JN Money Services.

“We are appealing to the young and tech-savvy persons who prefer to do business online,” Mr. Hinds explained. “In addition, global trends indicate an increase in persons using the internet to conduct money transfers.”

Customers in Canada were given first option, based on the number of professionals living in that market where there is a growing preference for online money transfers.

To send money transfers and pay bills, customers can simply visit jnmoneytransfer.com and signup for the service; which involves completing the registration. Once registration is complete, the customer can add a recipient, enter transaction details and then pay for the transfer by direct bank transfer. The direct bank transfer service is provided by INTERAC® online; a trusted funds transfer platform in Canada.

“Via the website, customers in Canada can also send funds to accounts held at financial institutions, excluding JN, as well as pay bills in Jamaica. While Recipients in Jamaica, will also be able to access their funds at any JN Money Transfer outlet or at ATMs using the JN Money Transfer Card” Mr Hines outlined.

He also emphasised that extra effort was made to ensure the privacy and security of customer information.

“We are aware of the concerns customers have in respect to the security of their information. As a result, we have implemented very secure processes and features to ensure that customer information is protected, and extensive tests are carried out to safeguard and maintain the security of the website” he added.

JN Money Services Limited, with head office based in Kingston, Jamaica, markets its services under the JN Money Transfer brand, with operations in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, The Cayman Islands, Ghana and the Philippines.

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