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    Real Estate Professionals and Developers can receive up to 1.25% commission of the loan amount approved. Top performers in each club will win prizes.

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    • Loans granted under the Design Your Mortgage (DYM) options
    • 97% FINANCING under this promotion

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    What is the JN Bank Billion Dollar Promotion?

    The JN Bank Billion Dollar Promotion is a special Realtor Incentive Programme open to licensed real estate professionals and registered developers across the island. The initiative was established to reward realtors and developers for referring approved mortgage business to the bank. The programme includes commission payments, grand prizes and special bonus incentives.

    How long will this programme last?

    The programme will run from Tuesday, September 18, 2018 to Sunday, March 31, 2019.

    How do I refer mortgage applicants to JN Bank?

    You may log your referrals to JN Bank by visiting: to complete the referral form and submit your entry in the promotion. Entry guidelines must be followed to qualify for the promotion. Mortgage referrals submitted must be completed in full, highlighting, the referrer’s name, telephone number, address, email and company to which the prize should be awarded.  You will receive a receipt after making your referral. The customer being referred must take a copy of this receipt to the mortgage/sale officer of JN Bank.

    How much will I earn from referring mortgage applicants to JN Bank?

    A commission of between 1.00 per cent and 1.25 per cent will be paid to licensed realtors and developers for each mortgage loan referred and booked by JN Bank during the promotional period.

    What are the prizes to be won?

    Realtors and developers have the opportunity to win up to $1.5 million in prizes, including all-expenses-paid trips to luxurious Caribbean destinations. There are also special incentives to be earned as members of the ‘Billion Dollar Club’ and ‘Preferred Partners Club’.

    What is the criterion for winning the grand prize?

    Each eligible participant who refers a prospective mortgagor that results in a successful mortgage to JN Bank will receive an entry in the JN Billion Dollar Promotion’s Grand Prize draw.

    Is there more than one grand prize?

    Nine winners will be selected at the end of the promotion. There will be two categories of prizes, one for Billion Dollar Club Members and one for the Preferred Realtors Club. The prizes will be won by the top three Billion Dollar Club members and the top three Preferred Realtors Club members in each category. There will also be three prizes for the top three developers.

    How are Grand Prize winners selected?

    Eligible participants in each category who have submitted the highest dollar value of referrals that result in successful mortgage disbursements will receive the grand prize.

    How will incentive payments be paid?

    Invoices for incentive payouts are to be submitted to the JN Bank Mortgage Sales Department by the end of each month for processing and payment may be expected within seven business days by electronic payment to a JN Bank account only.

    For queries regarding the Billion Dollar Club, your Business Relationship Manager, Frances Ross, is ready to answer. Contact her at Tel: 733-7049 Ext. 2026 or Mobile: (876) 442-0099.


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