Disruption in Telephone Services

Dear JN members/customers

Our telephone numbers, 0207 708 2242\3 and 0207 708 6600-99 for both JN Bank UK and JN Money Services (UK) customers continue to be out of service.

Our IT teams are working to find a solution.  Please be advised that all customers in the UK may contact us at 0 800 328 0387.  Other telephone numbers are:

Company Telephone
JNMS customers 0208 103 8849
JN Bank Jamaica members in the UK 0208 103 8844

Members/customers may also email helpdesk@jnbank.com or send a direct message on any of our social media pages.

We  are working to have this issue resolved and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused.  We will advise when the service on the standard lines is back in operation.

An enhanced way of doing business with JN Bank in Jamaica

After more than 30 years, your JN Bank UK Representative Office will embark on a new chapter in its history that will enhance its service to you and other Jamaicans in the United Kingdom.

Our representative offices in London and Birmingham are now closed and will no longer provide face-to-face service to members.

We are pleased to be providing an enhanced service that allows you to do your banking transactions at any time, from anywhere in the UK, including from the comfort of your home.

This service has been developed with you in mind so that you can stay safe and maintain full access to your JN Bank account in Jamaica.

JN Bank in Jamaica is now serving you more expediently, using more channels, so that you can conduct the following activities:

Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule an appointment to:

Open an account | Query an account | Update records

Request a call back about:


Request a call back

JN Bank LIVE support

Registration | login issues

Call: 0800 328 0387

Making Payments from the United Kingdom

Click here for details about making payments to JN Bank using our Citibank account.

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Doing business with JN Bank in Jamaica:

There’s a new way of doing your JN Bank transactions in Jamaica from the United Kingdom.

You can now set up an appointment for a video call with a JN Bank representative to do any of the transactions listed above.

Here’s how to set up your appointment:

  1. Visit www.jnbank.com and click ‘Schedule an Appointment’
  2. Select the type of service you would like to schedule an appointment for from the menu of options on the page.
  3. After choosing what service you’d like to make your appointment for, choose a date and then choose from the available times on the right hand side of your screen.
  4. Next, you’ll be asked to enter your name, email address and telephone number, as well as provide any information in the comments box that will help your representative prepare for your meeting.
  5. You will also have an opportunity to add a guest to the meeting, if you like. Simply click the ‘Add Guest’ button, immediately below the box where you enter your email address, and add your guest’s information.
  6. Be sure to read the information at the bottom of the page and click the box, if you agree with the request to move on.
  7. After you’ve completed the page, you’ll receive an email and a text message on your cell phone confirming your JN Bank appointment. A reminder will be sent to you:
    • One day before your meeting
    • One hour prior to your appointment

To set up an appointment, contact your dedicated team, any time, at the following numbers: 0800 328 0387; 0800 328 1622; +44 151 947 1431  or 0207 708 2442

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