• Borrow up to $5 million
    • Get up to 5 years to repay
    • Competitive interest rates
    • Low processing fee
    • Quick turnaround time


    • Access funds for any legitimate purpose
    • Discounts from over 200 merchants with your JN Card
    • Access to online banking using JN LIVE
    • Free transactions at JN ATMs
    • You must be a Jamaican 18 years or older
    • Valid identification: driver’s licence, passport, voter registration card
    • Proof of address: utility bill, credit card statement or bank statement
    • Tax Registration Number
    • Proof of income: income verification letter (job letter), or completed JNBS income verification form and last three months’ pay slips
    • Completed statement of affairs – income and expenditure statement
    • Signed loan agreement
    • Signed Salary Deduction Letter/Standing Order form
    • Signed consent to pull credit reports from credit bureaus
    • Signed Promissory Note
    • Bank statements for primary account displaying last 12 months activity, current Financial Statements if available, and Auditor’s Confirmation (Self-employed persons only)
    • Completed Know Your Customer form (if your JN member records need updating)
    Purpose Finance Interest (EAIR)
    Unsecured Borrow up to $5M 19.5000% – 23.500%

    * Notice of any rate change(s) will be provided in writing, by physical or electronic means, to our customers, 45 calendar days in advance of any such change(s) being implemented