JN Wise Aspiring Youth Programme (JN WAY) is a banking initiative geared to promote financial literacy and empowerment for youths aged 18 to 34 years of age (with conditions).

JN WAY trains, manages and coaches selected youth (JN WAY Ambassadors) to actively engage with peers to open accounts as well as to endorse the other offerings of the JN Group and its member companies.

JN WAY Ambassadors are tasked with the responsibility of:

  • initiating the opening of deposit accounts
  • promoting financial literacy among peers
  • making referrals for products and services offered by the JN Group
  • identifying opportunities for partnership within youth-led institutions (school or community-based organizations)
  • promoting and encouraging interaction with all JN brands on social media

JN WAY Programme benefits* are available to youths in:

a. Tertiary institutions
b. Technical, Vocational and Skills Training Institutions
c. Community Groups
*Conditions apply

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Youth-Related Products

Our products and services were created to assist YOUth.

JN Easi Save

The JN Easi Save Account is designed for children 0-17  years-old to encourage thrift at an early age and how to set goals and objectives.

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Short-term Insurance

Don’t need a long-term commitment? JNGI Shorty insurance allows you to buy a short-term policy. It is currently available for 30, 60 or 90 day terms

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Roadside Assistance

Whether it is for general purposes or due to an accident, the JAA team apply a number of solutions to enable your vehicle to be on the move.

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Financial Tools

Quick and easy-to-use tools to help you manage your every day finances.

Savings calculator

Find out your savings after an elapsed period.

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Loan calculator

Find out the monthly payback on your loans.

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Goals calculator

Find out how long it will take you to reach your target goal.

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The JN Bank Schools Savers’ Programme (SSP) is banking initiative aimed at cultivating the habit of saving from a tender age. The programme is open to registered schools to assist with developing a sense of thrift among the students. The school categories are:

– Infant/Basic schools
– Primary/Preparatory schools
– Secondary/High schools


Area of Expertise: Operations / Marketing

What is the best lesson/ experience from the JNWAY programme & how has that shaped your professional journey today?

“Learning the importance of embracing authenticity & confidence while taking an active role in self-managing my brand is my most valuable lesson from JN WAY. This allowed me to develop important soft skills & professional connections.

I was able to consistently improve & maintain these skills throughout my roles on campus as a brand ambassador, in the JN branches and also through networking at several major events.

Those experiences have shaped my professional journey today by significantly improving my interpersonal skills, fostering collaboration with individuals from professional connections & lastly having direct access to necessary resources & job opportunities to further develop my area of expertise & enhance the development of my career.”

Victoria HaughtonOperations Support Officer

Customer Experience and Service Recovery (CESR) Department , JN Bank.

My greatest lesson from being a JN WAY Ambassador is the power of team building and teamwork. It has shaped my journey in a sense that it gives me a greater ability to accept and work with the diversity of others within my work space. It has taught me how to be more open to the feedback from others, to learn more and to be creative while working closely as a team in order to get the job done in the most effective and efficient manner.

Shontana SmithOutsourced Operations Officer (Intern)

The best lesson I learned while being a JNWAY Ambassador was to get out of my comfort zone.

I was a journalism student who didn't know the first thing about marketing and sales but by taking the initiative to apply and get into the JNWAY Programme I was able to learn a lot and grow my skill set.

In my career today, I am willing to take risks out of my comfort zone, always with an open mind to learn along the way.

Shanique Hayden

JNWAY taught me that without cooperation real success is impossible. Even though each team member was from a different background /school/ parish, we shared a similar goal in mind and the evolution of "Teamwork makes the dream work" became our motto.

Best Experience - July 2016 JNBS Internship opportunity thanks to JNWAY which lead to a 1 year contract in the Marketing Department as an Intern and a permanent job offer as a Youth Marketing Coordinator in 2018.

Professional Journey - The JNWAY Ambassador programme created the network I needed to start my professional career. Working in a group/team was much easier, as I was more open to collaborate with others and was awarded team player of the quarter. Transitioning in the role of Youth Marketing Coordinator was seamless and I also improved my time management skills (balancing University while managing a full time job). Through the training offered by programme, (career development, creativity and leadership training) I was able to offer insights to the JN School Savers programme, contributed to an internal Staff Incentive programme for JN Bank and in 2019 I was promoted to a supervisory role, as an Engagement Offer, HR Department. Interestingly this role is focused on driving team collaboration, culture change and engaging staff. Who knew that the lesson of teamwork would play a huge role in my career path. Thank you JNWAY for the opportunity and above all thanks to God I am on my way to success.

Shanae Downer-Morris

Area of Expertise: Creative Planning, Marketing with a Legal Background

My takeaways change almost every year because the program has taught me so much and influenced so much of my professional life. The major lesson this time around for me is - AIM TO MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT! Life is fluid, you never know where you are going to end up. Take every opportunity seriously and perform to the best of your abilities. Show up and show out! You never know who is watching or constantly being inspired.

This lesson has indeed shaped my professional journey. I started out with no experience in marketing or sales. My drive and that lingering thought in my head (aim to make every moment count) has now propelled me into the marketing professional that I am.

Yanique WilsonMarketing and Communications Officer, MC Systems

These are a list of positives that I have taken from the JNWAY programme:

improved time management skill

Increased collaborative skills

Creating networking opportunities

Improved self-confidence

All of the above would have contributed to my marketability and professional development

All the trainings, exposure and opportunities have allowed me to demonstrate my growth.

I entered the programme as a Science Educator in training, not a marketing major, but I received top ambassador for SALES which was a great accomplishment for me.

No matter how many no’s I got when I put forward a product or service from JN, I did not give up, because I was a part of a dream, and I became that dream.

I persevered because the no’s were my greatest motivation. This gave me a chance to find creative ways to promote and become solution minded, rather than focusing on what I don’t have; hence, placing emphasis on seeking all I can, to fuel the passion so as to achieve the goals put forward.

I apply that same principle today in my classroom , being creative and solution minded !

Rochelle Harris

“ I’m not gonna get through, you’re too scared, this isn’t for you” these were some of the thoughts that were in my head, 1 day before the deadline when I recorded my submission video. Fast forward to 5 years later, I’ve formed great friendships; hated sales & now I have used some techniques learnt from getting monthly accounts to generating leads for my business; My network is so much bigger now, I’ve got “links everywhere”, I’ve grown to push myself even more whenever those thoughts came back to my head. Having my video selected for the next phase, was the push I needed and it was the beginning of a journey that I’ve never thought in a million years would have brought me to where I am today. Thank you JN WAY ; Forever a Wise Aspiring Youth

Keleisha CarterCarter's Consultancy

I am currently employed as a "Market Research Officer" at the Jamaica Automobile Association - a subsidiary of the JN Group.

The best lesson I learnt from my time in the JN WAY programme is a bit clichéd but it couldn't be more true - and it had to do with "You never know who is watching".

I remember posting my first degree when I wasjob hunting, I submitted an application or seven but just couldn't catch a break - until one day I got a call that said, the branch manager from the JN UWI location said he heard I was looking for employment and wanted to hire me because of how well mannered I was and how apt I seemed to be at getting students to open bank accounts. - This was coming from someone who we only ever exchanged good mornings a handful of times. Without going into too many details, this was an absolute surprise to me. When we spoke in person he was able to recount instances of how I dealt with customers and how I treated with the staff in branch that made him decide to look out for me in the event that I needed help after graduation. This scenario opened my eyes to just how important it is to take "personal pride" in your work even when no one is watching, as it could literally make the difference in whether you get hired or not. I charge you to go about your work with a certain level of integrity, to set high personal standards that guide your work ethic and ultimately steer your career. And who knows, maybe you'll be head hunted instead of having to job hunt.

Jaymeon JonesMarket Research Officer



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