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Effective Wednesday, January 10, 2024 JN Bank will discontinue reimbursing the Loan Documentation Fee to customers after loan approval.

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Changes in rates and charges FAQs

Why is JN Bank increasing fees at this time?

Over the past three years dramatic rises in interest rates, inflation, and other costs locally and globally, have led to an increase in the cost of providing services generally. Although we have not historically passed these costs to customers, it has become necessary to review our rates, fees, and charges.

What services will be affected by these fee increases?

The services that will be affected by these fee changes are:

  • Withdrawals from JN Bank ATMs
  • Incoming RTGS payments
  • Returns of transfers to other banks
  • Declined transactions at other bank ATMs on MultiLink network
  • Declined transactions at other bank point-of-sale terminals
  • Select loan documentation
  • In-branch transfers to local banks (ACH and RTGS)
  • In-branch international wire transfers
  • Chequing account services
  • Returned or dishonoured cheques
  • Replacement of debit cards and Classic credit cards
  • Gold credit card annual membership
  • Cash advance via credit cards

Why have fees for in-branch services, such as local wire transfers gone up by so much?

Yes, you may have noticed what appears to be an increase in fees for some in-branch transactions such as in-branch ACH and RTGS transactions (transfers to local banks) and in-branch international wire transfers. However, we have not increased fees for these services, instead there is now a fee for the use of the branch to conduct these services, which are available online via our JN Bank LIVE online banking platform, at a significantly cheaper cost. It also a much faster, and far more convenient way to transfer these funds.

You can sign up for JN Bank LIVE by clicking here.

But I’m a senior citizen and I don’t know how to navigate online banking?

Not to worry, our senior citizens over 60 years-old will continue to benefit from the fees specially designed for their needs. All you need to do is present a valid government-issued ID when doing these in-branch wire transactions.

All my withdrawals at JN Bank ATMs were free, now you have reduced the number of withdrawals available to only four free transactions monthly. Why

Over the years, among the benefits we have provided to our JN members were free transactions via the JN Bank ATM network. However, like many other services, the costs to maintain our ATMs have increased significantly, and, therefore, we have reviewed our offer to provide all transactions at our ATMs free of charge. While we will no longer provide unlimited free withdrawals, we will continue to offer our members four withdrawals at no charge monthly, based on our assessment of how members use our ATMs.

By carefully managing your use of cash and using your JN Bank debit card to make purchases, you can significantly reduce the impact of these fees, as your card provides a far more cost-effective and safer way to spend your money.

But it costs to swipe my debit card at stores, yet you are encouraging me to use my card instead of cash?

Yes, it is true that there is a small fee to use your debit cards to make purchases, but this fee is far less than what you would pay at the ATM after exhausting your four free monthly withdrawals, and it is a safer and convenient way of making your payments without cash.


Plus, it provides an opportunity to manage your spending effectively, as you can always track your transactions on JN Bank LIVE to see where your card was used. This is information which may be very useful for crafting your monthly budget and for monitoring your money.

What if I use my credit card instead of my debit card?

Yes, using your credit card is also a great way to spend safely and conveniently without cash, but you must carefully manage how you spend by ensuring that your balance is paid in full and on time monthly to avoid late fees and even interest.


A JN Bank Visa credit card will provide you with a host of benefits, including:


  • Points for every transaction, which you can redeem for discounts and rewards in our JN Rewards programme. Click to sign up!
  • No fees for using your card for purchases
  • Security when you purchase, as it prevents the need to spend from your bank account- fraudulent transactions on your credit card are easier to recover than fraudulent transactions on your debit card
  • An emergency source of credit
  • A means to develop credit history, so that when you need to borrow from any financial institution, your pattern of managing your card can be used to determine an interest rate that is fair to you

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Are credit card fees included in your updated fees and charges?

Yes, we have updated the annual fee for JN Bank Visa Gold credit cards, the cost to replace a JN Bank Visa Classic credit card, as well as adjusted the rate charged on cash advances.

All other fees for our credit cards remain the same. You may click here to review them [hyperlink to fees and charges].

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