• Interest and Non-interest bearing
    • Electronic statement
    • Available in Jamaican dollars only
    • Online banking via JN LIVE


    • Low opening deposit
    • No monthly service charge
    • No per item charge for first five cheques each month
    • First 25 cheque leaves free
    • No dormancy fee
    • Courtesy overdraft available
    • Online banking via JN LIVE
    • Cheque book available
    • Debit card access

    If all your customer information with us is up-to-date, you will only need to sign two documents when opening your current account:

    • A signature card
    • A customer verification form; and

    You may also need to provide valid identification such as your passport, along with your TRN; or your driver’s licence.

    In order to open your account you will need to complete these forms:

    • Customer Information Form (CIF)
    • Two (2) references
    • Source of Funds
    • Individual Self Certification Form

    In addition, you will also need to provide:

    • Proof of your address, which can simply be a utility or credit card bill in your name; or a bank statement
    • Valid identification, which can be your passport along with your TRN; or your driver’s licence; and
    • Proof of your employment, which can be a job letter from your employer

    You will also need a minimum opening cash deposit to fund your new chequing account.