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Commit to regular savings in any currency, short or long-term, using a contractual savings account.

Contractual savings are specialised savings options that help you to save and work towards your financial goals. It involves entering into an agreement where you commit to regular deposits for a fixed period, ensuring disciplined savings and attractive returns.

Do it so you can:

  • Save for a year or more
  • Save small portions at a time
  • Develop a habit of saving
  • Save for a house, education, retirement or special occasions
  • Develop a habit of thrift
  • Have peace of mind knowing your savings are safe and earning tax-free interest

Choose from our long-term contractual savings options:

JN Partna Plan

A contractual Jamaican savings account to help you save over short specified periods of time.

There are two ways to open this account. You can provide just your TRN and ID* to open a Redi Savings JN Partna Plan or you can provide the requirements listed to open the standard account.

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JN High Yield Account

A contractual savings account with the flexibility to save in Jamaican, US, Canadian, Pounds Sterling and earn higher interest

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