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Don’t underinsure your assets or tie up your cash by paying for insurance. 

Finance your insurance premiums with a JN Bank IPF Loan.

It’s easy, convenient, and affordable!


  • Can be used for all general insurance, including public liability, property and motor insurance
  • Offered in JMD and USD
  • Affordable – up to nine months to repay
  • Up to 100% financing


  • No processing fees
  • No collateral needed
  • Easy payment options
  • Access financing through all major brokers


  • Business registration documents
  • Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) or other proof of statutory compliance
  • Audited financials*

* Notice of any rate change(s) will be provided in writing, by physical or electronic means, to our customers, 45 calendar days in advance of any such change(s) being implemented

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