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At JN Bank, we are very keen on the service you experience when doing business with us.

Our mission is to always ensure that you are delighted by the service you receive and exceed your expectations every time you interact with us.

Therefore, if we disappoint, we encourage you to let us know promptly. Send your complaint or concern to, or write us a note and hand it in at your nearest JN Bank location.

We take your feedback very seriously.

We will:

  • Acknowledge your complaints within one business day
  • Aim to resolve your issue in 10 business days or less, and, if it requires a party external to JN, we will seek to have those addressed in 20 business days or less and keep you updated

If you’re still unsatisfied with the outcome, we have an Ombudsman who will help. Email the JN Member Ombudsman at

If we have met your expectations or exceeded them, we also want to hear from you. Take a very short survey  or send your feedback to or simply clicking here.

We are grateful for your loyalty and, therefore, we encourage you to feedback and help us to serve you better!

We’ll help you find a way!

Share Your Experience!
We Value Your Business!

We Want to Serve You Even Better!

We’re happy we could assist with a loan or mortgage to finance your goal.

But we are to provide you with much more than financing. We’re here to serve you.

Share your experience with us at We want to serve you even better.

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