How to Open a JN Bank Account

Simplified Account Opening Method

Are you a self-employed person, such as a barber, hairdresser, dressmaker, plumber or perhaps a household or construction worker?

Or, maybe you’re employed, but you’ve never had a bank account…

It’s now much easier to access JN Bank’s savings options!

All you need to do is:

  1. Bring along your TRN Card, and a national ID, such as your driver’s licence (TRN not necessary with driver’s licence); Elector Registration Card or passport to your nearest JN Bank.
  2. Complete the JN Bank forms on spot.
  3. Select the savings account type and make a minimum deposit to open your account.

Using this simplified method, you can open any of these Jamaican dollar accounts with a minimum deposit, as follows:

  • Regular savings accounts with a deposit of $2,500
  • Partna Plan with $1,000
  • Long-term savings accounts with $25,000

Foreign currency and chequing accounts are not included.

Make deposits of up to J$200,000 monthly to your account* using our JN Bank Smart ATMs or Drop Box.

Wear your mask and visit your nearest JN Bank location to open your account without hassle today!

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*Wire transfers to your account unavailable.

Becoming a JN Member

To enjoy the benefits of membership in The Jamaica National Group, you must have a JN Bank account.

General Account Opening Method

To open an account without restrictions on how much you can deposit, including foreign currency and chequing accounts, you will need to provide the following:

Jamaican residents

  • Fully Completed CIF for all applicants
  • Proof of Residential Address (recent utility bill, bank statement, other official mail, property tax receipt, lease agreement or rent receipt (rent receipts should indicate clearly the address of the property)
  • Proof of Employment (letter from employer, recent pay slip or valid work ID)
  • Current & Valid Identification
  • Tax payer Registration Number (TRN) OR Jamaican Driver’s licence bearing this number
  • Name & Telephone Contact of 2 Character References
  • Completed Account Signature Card
  • Completed Self Employment Verification Form
  • CompletedSelf Certification Form (Individual)

Persons overseas

  • Fully Completed CIF for all applicants
  • Two pieces of Proof of Residential Address (Notarized copy of recent utility bill or bank statement)*
  • Proof of Employment (letter from employer, recent pay slip or valid work ID)
  • Two current & valid identifications duly notarized (For Non-Jamaicans, at least one ID must be a passport or permanent resident card)*
  • Two completed Character Reference Form (Non-Jamaicans need at least 1 referral from a reputable financial institution)
  • Notarized copy of Birth Certificate for Minors and Non-Jamaicans
  • Notarized copy of your Tax Number
  • Completed Account Signature Card
  • Letter detailing instructions to JN Bank to establish new account and any additional instructions. (Include your choice of savings and reason for opening account in Jamaica in letter)
  • Completed Self Employment Verification Form
  • Completed Self Certification Form (Individual)

If a child below 16 years is to be added to this account, a notarized copy of the Birth Certificate is required. Please mail all documents to our Internal Processing Centre located at 2-4 Constant Spring Road Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I. *Benefits only apply to persons residing locally. All documents are to be mailed to:

The Supervisor
Internal Processing Centre
2-4 Constant Spring Road
Kingston 10