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Members of JN Bank Jamaica who receive funds, including pensions, from the UK have different options to transfer their funds to Jamaica.

The options available to members currently are wire transfers through Citibank. In addition, members may send funds using JN Money remittance services.  JN members can enjoy the convenience of receiving their pension payments directly to their JN Bank Jamaica account and in the currency of their choice.

Details for making payments to JN Bank.

Options Details Cost & Time
1. Wire Transfer For larger payments, please instruct your bank to send a SWIFT payment using details below:

Routing Method: SWIFT
Receiver’s Correspondent (Field 54): CITIGB2L
Account with Institution (Field 57A): JNBSJMKN
Beneficiary Customer (Field 59): Your JN Bank account number & name

  • Credited to your JN account within 24 – 48 hours
  • Please note that this method will attract fees from your UK bank and JN Bank in Jamaica
2.JN Money Transfer Send funds through our website at or visit a JN Money branch or agent location with your JN Bank account details
  • JN Money Transfer fees will apply.

Important points to note:

  1. JN Bank requires a source of funds declaration and evidence of source of funds for all payments exceeding £5,000. We may also make this request for special transactions.
  2. For wire transfers, please ensure that the reference details are correct (your JN account number and surname) to allow for identification of payments. Payments that cannot be identified may be delayed or returned to your bank.
  3. Through our internet banking portal, JN Bank LIVE, you can access and view your account at your convenience. If you are not already signed up, we encourage you to visit to register so that you can view and verify all payments made to your account.

For more information about our payment options, please contact us at 0800-328-0387 or by email The JN UK Representative Office team is also standing by to assist you at our offices and through our mobile unit.