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The Year 2020 is within sight and it’s for us to claim!

For many of us, a New Year brings with it, the hope and possibility to be able to regenerate, recommit, reconnect and even restart, so that the objectives, which we did not achieve in 2019, can become realities in 2020.

Since our transformation in 2017, annually JN Bank has grown with your support, whether from your feedback about how we can improve our service, or your commendation to reinforce our confidence.

The Year 2019 was no exception. It presented us with trials and triumphs, which made JN Bank operationally stronger; and a more competitive entity in the market place; while, at the same time, positioned us to serve you better.

During the past year, for example, we expanded our Design Your Mortgage options to offer 110 per cent financing to persons in need of assistance who need additional funds for down payment on a new home; finance closing costs, or take care of other mortgage-related expenses. We also assisted with creating new homes, via our offer of development financing for housing construction projects. In addition, we expanded the opportunities for several companies to access financing to purchase heavy-duty trucks and equipment, based on our continued relationship with Tank Weld Equipment Limited.

Beyond those achievements, many members were also able to meet their individual obligations, through personal loan financing and other credit facilities, such as our JN Bank VISA credit cards and lines of credit; while several others were able to access the convenience of a motor vehicle loan, through our JN Bank Auto Loan offers.

Operationally, we expanded our ATM network and concierge services in many of our branches; and have started the process to further improve the efficiency of our transactions, with the implementation of a new system that allows members to receive wired funds almost immediately.

In 2020, our investment in technology will be increased significantly, to create even more convenience for our members and reduce the waiting time in our branches.

Therefore, at JN Bank, the Year 2020 represents for us an opportunity to refocus our energies on our relationship with you. We want to serve you better. We want to be positioned to provide the solutions for your needs, as we have done under the JN brand, for these 145 years.

We plan to maintain deeper relationships that are important to all of us, hence our recent drive for you to update your personal information, so that we can serve you better, wherever you are.

However, beyond that, strengthening our relationship requires a reinforcement of the core values that have defined our connection with Jamaicans, locally and overseas, for nearly five generations.

In 2020, we will be promoting those values with even more vigour, to remind us of the power of mutuality; the power of people to achieve the insurmountable, when they are provided with viable opportunities. It’s through those values that we will regenerate our society; and create a peaceful environment to successfully nurture the growth we desire.

The vision is clear JN members. The Year 2020 holds a bounty of possibilities in which we can immerse ourselves, as we strive to achieve our best outcomes.

Happy New Year and may God bless all of us!     

Curtis Martin

Managing Director

JN Bank

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