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Whoa there! Teacher’s Day and Mother’s Day are just around the corner and you may have been thinking about the perfect gift to get your teacher or your mom.

Being a JN Member gives you access to great rewards in our JN Rewards programme from scores of merchants island-wide!

All you need to do is show or swipe any of your JN cards at any JN Rewards merchant and you could receive discounts from five to 20 per cent.

Here are a few JN Rewards merchants where you can shop and access discounts on your gifts for your teacher or for mom.

For Your Teacher:

  1. Get your teacher luxury handmade skin care products from Morgan’s Creek and get five per cent off your purchase when you show or swipe your JN card.
  2. A picture paints a thousand words. Consider gifting your teacher a portrait shoot from Di Photo Shoppe and get five per cent off
  3. Light up your teacher’s world with lighting fixtures from FosRich. Make a purchase and get a five per cent discount.
  4. Home décor items are always in! Purchase a lovely accent piece for your teacher at Singer and get a five to seven per cent discount.
  5. Technology is a necessity. Save 10 per cent on electronics from Royale Computers & Accessories. Your teacher will love you for it!

For Mom:

  1. Treat mom to an invigorating and relaxing spa day this Mother’s Day. Receive special discounts of: 10 per cent off at Bella Spa and Supplies Plus; 15 per cent off at Veronique’s Day Spa; 20 per cent off at Carla’s Escape Day Spa; and Escape to Exhale; and 10-20 per cent off at Adam and Eve Day Spa. I’m sure she will feel renewed after her self-care day!
  2. Take mom on a shopping spree to get the latest in fashion! Get 10 per cent off at Xtras; big discounts at Royal Jewellers and you can gift her flashing new eyewear with 20 per cent off at AB Vision. Click here to see more places where you can get mom some stylish and trendy pieces.
  3. Nothing says “I love you” like a delicious plate of food. Treat mom to foreign cuisine with a delightful meal from Evita’s Italian Restaurant and get 10 per cent off your order! Wait, there is more. Order from Mr Breakfast or Raffaele’s Gourmet Pizzeria and also get 10 per cent off. Dine by the sea at Pier One and receive a five per cent discount!
  4. Health is wealth and by showing or swiping any of your JN cards you can get a discount for mom at any of these places! Get 15 per cent off when you book a consultation for mom at Hope Lifestyle Centers Limited and 10 per cent off at True Care Dental. Click here for more.
  5. Take mom on a wonderful vacation at Holiday Inn and get 10 per cent off your stay!

JN Bank wishes all our teachers and moms a Happy Teacher’s Day and a Happy Mother’s Day!

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