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If you’re a JN Member overseas, or even locally, instead of visiting a JN Bank location, or sending us notarised documents via courier or mail each time you need to conduct a transaction, send us an email instead, along with a copy of your ID, to with instructions on the transaction you’d like us to perform on your behalf.

You have 2 options to update your records with your email address:

Option 1

Complete the attached form and return to us for the updating of your records.

Email and Facsimile Authority Form

Important Note:

In completing the form, you will also be allowed to submit certain requests/instructions to us via email from the email address noted on the form.


Option 2

888-438-5627, 888-991-4065/6 (Toll-free)

876-906-5343, 876-926-1344, 876-618-0188, 876-619-2810 (from Jamaica)

1-800-462-9003 (from USA & Canada)

0-800-328-0387 (from the UK)

To verification to have your email address updated


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