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Forget the lines and the hassle of leaving home or your office to do your banking. With JN Bank LIVE e-Banking, you can do several transactions from wherever you are, as long as you have internet connection. Here are just some of the convenient features of this digital platform.

JN Bank LIVE has two versions: there is JN Bank LIVE Personal for transactions on your personal JN Bank accounts and JN Bank LIVE Business, for… you guessed it, business accounts. Here are some features of each:

JN Bank LIVE Personal

  • Transfer funds between your own JN Bank accounts
  • Transfers to other JN Bank accounts
  • Transfer funds to other local banks
  • Make international payments (wire transfers)
  • Pay bills to a host of billers, including all your local utility companies
  • Make credit card payments for JN Bank and cards with any local bank
  • Purchase FX
  • Top-up your cell phone
  • Get eStatements

JN Bank LIVE Business

  • Dual Custody
  • Varied User Access
  • Payroll upload
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Batch payment
  • Loan payment
  • Bill payment
  • Transfers
  • Batch approval (and this)
  • eStatements

Sign up for JN Bank LIVE and do your banking easily!

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