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Frequently Asked Questions

ATM Transactions

All my withdrawals at JN Bank ATMs were free, now you have reduced the number of withdrawals available to only four free transactions monthly. Why?

Like many other services, the costs to maintain our ATMs have increased significantly. While we will no longer provide unlimited free withdrawals, we will continue to offer our members four free withdrawals at JN Bank ATMs monthly, based on an assessment of how members use our ATMs.

After exceeding my four free monthly withdrawals at JN Bank ATMs, how much will I be charged for each withdrawal?

The fee per withdrawal after exceeding your four monthly withdrawals at our ATMs will be J$30.00.

Wasn’t this adjustment already made in May? Is this a further limitation on the number of withdrawals I can make?

No, this is not an additional adjustment to what was announced in April. The implementation of the withdrawal fee at our ATMs was delayed to August 1.

Should I expect to be back charged for ATM withdrawals made in May, June and July?

No, you will not be charged for ATM withdrawals made in May, June or July. The effective date of the adjustment was August 1 and will only affect withdrawals from that date going forward.

Are the increased attacks on your service providers since the start of the year responsible for these fee adjustments?

No, the attacks on our service providers have not played a role in the current adjustments to any of our fees and charges.

Now that you have limited my number of free withdrawals, have you made any improvements to your ATMs so that I won’t have to exhaust my new monthly limit when withdrawing the maximum daily cash amount?

We recognise that it may take up to four transactions to withdraw the allowable daily limit at some of our ATMs. For the nearest ATM that will allow you to withdraw $100,000 in on transaction, please click here. Also, look for the sign at out ATMs, so that you’ll be aware whether the ATM you are using will be able to dispense up $100,000 in a single transaction. Our team is working diligently to ensure all our ATMs are upgraded so that you will be able to withdraw the allowable limit in one transaction.

Are there any other new ATM fees?

No, beyond the recent adjustment to allow only four free withdrawals monthly, there are no other new ATM fees.

It costs to use my debit card at stores, yet you are encouraging me to use my card instead of cash. Why?

Yes, it is true that there is a small fee to use your debit cards to make purchases, but this fee is far less than what you would pay at the ATM after exhausting your four free monthly withdrawals, and it is a safer and convenient way of making your payments without cash.

What if I use my credit card instead of my debit card?

Yes, using your credit card is also a great way to spend safely and conveniently without cash, but you must carefully manage how you spend by ensuring that your balance is paid in full and on time monthly to avoid late fees and even interest charges.

A JN Bank Visa credit card will provide you with a host of benefits, including:

  • Points for every transaction, which you can redeem for discounts and rewards in our JN Rewards programme. Click to sign up!
  • No fees for using your card for purchases
  • Security when you purchase, as it prevents the need to spend from your bank account. Fraudulent transactions on your credit card are easier to recover than fraudulent transactions on your debit card
  • An emergency source of credit
  • A means to develop credit history, so that when you need to borrow from any financial institution, your pattern of managing your card can be used to determine an interest rate that is fair to you

Sign up for a JN Bank Visa credit card today!

When will you complete upgrading all your Smart ATMs so that they accept new polymer bank notes?

We expect to complete upgrading all our machines by the end of 2023.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may be causing you and you will be kept informed of our progress.

How can I avoid over-the-counter fees in the meantime when making deposits comprising new banknotes to my JN Bank account?

You can make your polymer note deposits to your JN account, conveniently and free of charge by using the Drop Boxes in our branches.

For quick, easy, safe, and convenient transactions, we also encourage you, where possible, to transfer funds and make payments using JN Bank LIVE online banking, so that you can reduce your reliance on cash.