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1. Is JN Bank abandoning its members in the USA?

No, we are not abandoning our members in the United States of America.

Effective January 22, 2021, JN Bank in Jamaica will serve you more expediently using strengthened channels, so that you can access your banking needs in Jamaica.

You can now access JN Bank services conveniently by contacting a dedicated team in Jamaica, any time, to set up an appointment to do your JN Bank transactions in Jamaica. To contact the team, you may call 1-800-462-9003, toll free, or 954-485-3777, any time.

You can also register for JN Bank’s online banking portal, JN LIVE to conduct your transactions and monitor your account at your convenience. To register, simply visit, or contact our dedicated team in Jamaica to assist you with your registration.

2. What services will I be able to conduct through the dedicated team in Jamaica?

You can set up a virtual appointment with your dedicated JN Bank team to access our products and services in Jamaica, including:

  • Opening new accounts
  • Conducting withdrawals on existing JN Bank accounts
  • Updating your records
  • Query transactions and other matters
  • Resolving issues with your JN Bank LIVE online banking portal

It’s easy and, of course, convenient and it keeps you safe.

3. How will the virtual appointments be conducted?

After your virtual appointment is confirmed, your dedicated representative in Jamaica will email to you a link for a virtual face-to-face conversation, which you will simply click at the time of your appointment.

If you are using a mobile phone, you may first need to download the application. If you don’t know how, no need to worry, your dedicated JN Bank representative will help you to quickly download the app, which you will only need to do once.

4. Do I have to call to make an appointment, or can I visit the JN Bank website to set up an appointment?

No you don’t have to call to make your appointment. You have the option to set up an appointment at your convenience by visiting the JN Bank website from the USA.

Here’s how to set up your appointment.

  1. Visit and click ‘Schedule an Appointment’
  2. Select the type of service you’d like to schedule an appointment for from the menu of options on the page.
  3. After choosing what service you’d like to make your appointment for, choose a date and then choose from the available times on the right hand side of your screen.
  4. Next, you’ll be asked to enter your name, email address and telephone number, as well as provide any information in the comments box that will help your representative with preparing for your meeting. You will also have an opportunity to add a guest to the meeting, if you like. Simply click the ‘Add Guest’ button, right below the box where you enter your email address, and add your guest’s information. Be sure to read the information at the bottom of the page and click the box, if you agree with the request to move on.
  5. After you’ve completed the page, you’ll receive an email confirming your JN Bank appointment. A reminder will be sent to you:
    • One day before your meeting, and again
    • One hour prior to your appointment

5. If I need to provide JN Bank with documents to complete a transaction, how would I do that, since I won’t be able to go to the representative office in Florida?

During your conversation with our team in Jamaica, you will be provided with a secure link and instructions on how to send documents to us in Jamaica.

If you can’t upload using the link provided, you can mail the documents to:

6240 Oakland Park Boulevard
Lauderhill, Fl 33319
PO Box # 190424

6. Do I need to make an appointment to do all my banking or are there other ways to do transactions?

No, you don’t have to make an appointment to do your transactions in Jamaica. In fact, you can do several transactions on your own, including paying bills in Jamaica or transferring funds to other banks in Jamaica; wire transfers or simply monitoring your account, by registering for JN LIVE online banking. Visit to register, or call 1-800-462-9003, toll free, or 954-485-3777, any time, for assistance with registration.

7. Will virtual services become the new mode of operation for the JN Bank Representative Office in Florida?

Yes, it will. We have enhanced our channels so that you can stay safe and do your banking in Jamaica at your convenience, any time, so that you don’t have to visit a location.

8. Can a JN Bank representative witness documents during our virtual meeting or do they have to be notarized?

Yes they can. If the following documents are witnessed by a representative, they do not need to be notarized:

  • Copy of government-issued ID
  • Copies of utility bills for proof of address
  • Social Security Card
  • Letters of authorisation

9. Will these changes by JN Bank affect JN Money?

No, this change will not affect sending money transfers to Jamaica via JN Money. You can continue to send money to Jamaica using any JN Money branch or agent in Florida, or anywhere in the USA.