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Capitalising on the range of benefits across its member companies, the JN Group has designed an auto loan product to make motor vehicle ownership easier for Jamaicans, offering financing at a much lower cost, and providing consumers with a far more convenient and pain-free purchasing process.

Underscoring JN’s commitment to providing opportunities to improve lives, Saniah Spencer, executive for marketing at the JN Group, of which JN Bank is a member, described the JN Auto Loan as a “vehicle” for better.

“A motor vehicle isn’t just about convenience, but a ‘vehicle’ for opportunities to improve one’s way of life,” explained Ms Spencer. “It provides people with a sense of autonomy and is an asset that can be used, if necessary, to acquire other assets.”

She explained that owning a vehicle can help with facilitating many daily tasks, but it also provides the flexibility to make better use of time in pursuing other personal goals.

And, beyond its economic benefits, Ms Spencer said having a personal motor also provides a sense of safety, especially in the current environment, as it reduces one’s need for physical contact with the public.

The JN Auto Loan is a unique offering, in that, it provides value-packed solutions which makes even the process of financing the motor vehicle purchase easier.

Persons receive up to 100 per cent financing and up to 10 years to repay.

“The low monthly payments for new and used cars, makes owning a vehicle far more manageable; plus, the JN Auto Loan is the only product that provides customers with the option to include insurance and auto loan in one monthly payment with no change in premium even if there is an accident. Additionally, all customers will receive FREE document renewal service and road assistance from the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) and 25 per cent discount off JN General Insurance motor insurance, members of the Jamaica National Group,” Ms Spencer explained the benefits of the package.

She says, in addition to all the benefits listed, customers are also eligible to receive a pre-approved JN Bank credit card, another important credit facility that can improve one’s way of life.

“With a range of offerings across our many member companies, at the JN Group you can receive more,” underscored Ms Spencer. “We are about helping you to find a way!”

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