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The JN Bank has expanded its ebanking services to business clients using the JN LIVE online banking platform to include features, such as file upload and payments to other financial institutions.

Ricardo Dystant, head of eBusiness at JN Bank, said that the upgrade of the JN LIVE Business platform is part of a broader digital strategy, which will improve the convenience and efficiency of everyday banking for members; as well as, reduce queues and wait-time, in the banking halls across its 35 locations.

“We know that our business clients would rather spend their time managing their companies than standing in line at the bank; therefore, we have designed a system with them in mind. Our goal is to provide our clients with a convenient, easy to use platform to save them time and money,” he stated.

Mr Dystant explained that with the new e-banking capabilities business clients are now able to upload payment files from their accounting system and pay persons through different local financial institutions.

“Therefore,  we’re not limiting use of our online service to persons with only JN Bank accounts, because we want to provide our customers and members with total access, and to ensure the continued success of their business,” he explained.

He further advised that, as the needs of business clients continue to evolve, so too will the capabilities of the ebanking platform.

“We have several key improvements on the horizon including, the integration with your company’s payroll system,” he highlighted. “With this change, not only will clients be able to upload a file, but they will also receive an extract that they can import into their account system. This will alleviate the task of having someone manually enter the transaction into their account books,” he stated.

Mr Dystant also pointed out that JN Bank is currently developing an app for the “JN LIVE Personal” platform for its members.

“With this new app, persons on the go, who want to quickly review and approve their transactions, will be able to do so quite easily,” he informed.

The JN eBusiness head stated that there are several other improvements on the horizon, which will make the online system more attractive to clients, “on-the-go.”

“We continue to revise and make improvements to the platform,” he noted. “We actually have a special group of users, within and external of the JN Group, who provide us with feedback on a regular basis. Their comments are fed into our development protocols, which allow us to quickly upgrade the system.”

He also informed that JN members will continue to benefit from the addition of new features to the banking portal, which seeks to make their business banking on JN LIVE a “one-stop-shop” for business transactions.

The JN LIVE online banking platform, also includes “JN Live Personal,”  which allows members to do all their personal everyday banking activities, including: pay bills, transfer funds to other JN Bank accounts and other banks, locally; wire funds, purchase phone top up, monitor credit card payments and usage; as well as, other convenient transactions.

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