Everybody desires to stay healthy, that is why JN Bank makes it easier you to access health insurance with JN Health.

JN Health is affordably designed to provide a broad range of health benefits to our customers, their spouses and children.
If you have no health insurance or want to supplement your existing coverage, JN Health is the right choice to make.

This comprehensive health insurance package is available to individuals who have no health insurance coverage or want to supplement existing coverage.

Your JN Health Benefits

JN Health offers more than 20 immediate and value added benefits to its beneficiaries.

Medical coverage for necessary hospital, surgical and other medical expenses for the insured and dependents is available.

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Dental/Optical
  • Surgical
  • Medical (Office Visits)
  • Hospital Care
  • Diagnostics (Lab & X-ray)
  • Maternity Care*
  • Preventative Care (Immunization/inoculation & tubal-ligation/vasectomy)
  • Major Medical
  • Overseas Emergency (Only the Visitor’s Health Card should be used)
  • Overseas Non-Emergency (requires pre-authorization)
  • Other benefits: hearing aids, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, renal dialysis and local ambulance)

New members are required to complete a Medical Questionnaire. A waiting period is applicable to all new members.
*Maternity Benefits become payable after 280 days of continuous coverage on the plan.

Who is Eligible?

  • JN Members between the ages of 18-70 years and their spouses (married or unmarried)
  • JN Customers’ dependent children up to age 19. Individuals between 20-23 years, who can prove that they are attending a tertiary institution, are also eligible.
  • JN Customers who are self-employed.
  • Small business operators who have employees.

Two Attractive Options

We offer two options under the JN Health Plan –

  • JN Health Superior Plan  is a comprehensive benefit package for people between ages 18 and 70.
  • JN Health Executive Plan is an affordable, comprehensive benefit package offering additional monetary coverage for some benefits to individuals 18-70 years.

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