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Shernette Callam, head, branch operations at JN Bank, makes a presentation during the launch of the Leader2Leader leadership development programme. The programme was launched recently at the Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston. 

The Jamaica National Group has expanded its training and development programme for its employees throughout the Group, with the launch of a comprehensive leadership programme, entitled, “Leader2Leader.”

The programme, which is being led by the JN Group’s senior manager for Learning, Development and Culture, Dr Renee Rattray, was launched recently at the Knutsford Court Hotel, with the leadership of the Group’s member company, JN Bank as its first participants.

“In any good organisation, to maintain their standard for greatness, leaders need to step back, pull themselves together to reflect, learn and unlearn, as well as, seek motivation and inspiration. Emerging from that context, they will, in turn, learn to motivate, coach and inspire those whom they lead,” Dr Rattray, a professional in leadership development, explained.

Cheerful Leaders! JN Bank leaders Curtis Martin, interim managing director; Shernette Callam, head, branch operations; Captain Michael Powell, head, security; Sharon Smith, head, JN Individual Retirement Scheme and insurance premium financing; Cheryl Levy, head, risk and compliance, and Ricardo Dystant, chief, channels. They were participating in the Leader2Leader leadership development programme by JN Bank, launched recently at the Knutsford Court Hotel.

The Leader2Leader programme has seven clear objectives, which include building the capacity of the leadership team, to continuously improve their efficiency and effectiveness; and expose JN Group’s leaders to different forms of leadership styles and approaches.

“This type of training format provides a context in which everyone can develop their appreciation for the company’s culture; and how it affects implementing strategy,” Curtis Martin, interim managing director, JN Bank, stated, indicating that, “it will also impact how we align with our culture to drive excellence in our company.”

Dr Rattray underscored that the leadership programme is part of the broader thrust to establish the JN Group, as a learning organisation which is continually transforming itself. “In a competitive landscape, continuous learning must be par for the course, so that we will be flexible, prepared to change and adapt,” Dr Rattray said. “In other words, the current context calls for people who are constantly thinking.”

JN Bank leaders participate in an activity during the first Leader2Leader session held at the Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston recently.

“And, for us to achieve our desired results, we need to begin with the leadership, because they set the tone; and when they get it right, as Simon Sinek, the American Leadership guru says, ‘the organisation will thrive‘.”

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