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JN Bank members are lauding the services of the JN Bank Florida Representative Office, as the operation celebrates its 16th anniversary this year.

“The service from the JN Bank Florida Representative Office is very good. The Agents are very helpful and provide useful information,” said Aleka James, who received a mortgage through JN Bank.

“It was my first time applying for a mortgage and they made the steps easy,” she related. Ms James said that the Representative Office gave her the connection with Jamaica and it made doing business with her country easier.

Stephanie Kelly, who recently became a member of JN Bank, has no regrets. “The service is excellent. The guidance and recommendations are remarkable,” she added.

Ms Kelly said that through JN Bank, she was able to purchase an apartment in Jamaica; and during the mortgage process, the Agents in the Representative Office were extremely attentive and efficient.

Another member, Winston Currie, said: “I have been a member for four years. I would describe the service as excellent. I believe that the office is not only great for Florida, but has been serving New York, very well. Jamaicans who intend to retire in Jamaica; invest in Jamaica; and vacation in Jamaica, should find the Representative Office in Florida very helpful.”

Janice McIntosh, Chief Representative Officer at the JN Bank Florida Representative Office, said she was happy that the Office was indeed meeting the needs of its members.

“As we celebrate 16 years, we commit ourselves to continue to serve our members with outstanding service and provide vital information about our products and services.  And, we will continue to support communities in our outreach activities,” she maintained.

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