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JN Small Business Loans client, Veronica Facey, is grateful to the loan company for assisting her in selling more than 1,000 masks.

The garment manufacturer, who is based on Bay Farm Road, Kingston 11, began making masks shortly after the first case of the COVID-19 pandemic was identified locally. Later, her name and information was posted on JNSBL’s website and social media to showcase the various services offered by its clients and since then Ms Facey has seen an increased demand for her masks.

“JNSBL posted my photo on their website advertising that I made and sold masks,” Miss Facey said. “Since they did that, it has been going well for me, and I have sold more than a thousand.”

The mother of three, who has been in garment manufacturing for more than 20 years, explained that she makes 20 or more masks per day depending on demand. She explained that she has supplied companies and individuals who need the item which has now become a compulsory accessory for anyone leaving their homes.

“In the early days, I did more than 20 masks per day most days. Since they have gotten more popular, I do a little less than that. But, there is still a demand for them,” she said.

Miss Facey pointed out that no one taught her how to make her masks.

“I know that you need to be able to breathe through them and so I used cotton on the inside and also use material that was light enough to allow persons to breathe without difficulty on the outside,” she explained.

Ms Facey first became a JNSBL client two years ago after her sister told her about the company.

“I needed assistance to help with my business, and my sister told me that they had loans that could assist me,” she explained. “Since then the relationship has been good, and they are there for me when I need them.”

Apart from masks, Miss Facey also makes household items, bed linen, female and baby clothing. She developed a love for the trade while attending Norman Manley High School and decided that this would be her career path.

“I am always sewing. I like hearing the praise that I sewed something well. Even if I don’t have a job doing, I will take up pieces of cloth and sew a blouse, household, or clothing item, and when it’s done I find joy when someone says, ‘wow’ that looks nice’,” she stated

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