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From left: Peta-Gay Miller Walker, Assistant Vice President, Sales and Client Services, JN Fund Managers; Kemilee McLymont- Campbell; Mr. Peter Campbell, Managing Director, Golf View Hotel in Mandeville; host, Jennifer ‘Jenny-Jenny’ Small and Richard Johnson, Marketing and Promotions Manager, JNSBL.

JN Small Business Loans launched its three part video series entitled the COVID-19 Lifeline Coach Series which concluded in July to educate clients about financial wellness during the pandemic.

The video series, held in collaboration with JN Fund Managers and JN Foundation, featured persons from the agriculture, beauty and tourism sectors sharing tips on how to survive the pandemic in addition to JNSBL assisting during this difficult period. It was aired on the company’s social media pages and hosted by media personality Jennifer ‘Jenny-Jenny’ Small.

“We came up with the idea for the series because of the challenges some of our clients were experiencing,” stated Kimberly Atkinson, communication and client services manager, JNSBL. “We used the series as an opportunity to provide tips on marketing, saving and other types of information that would be needed to assist them in this difficult period.”

“It was an opportunity for us to tell them about our suite of COVID Lifeline Loan products which were designed to assist, not just our clients, but members of the sector impacted by the pandemic,” she added.

For the first episode, 2017 winner of the JNSBL Barber and Beauty Battle Make-up category, Ariel Hitchener, Mrs. Rose Miller, grants manager, JN Foundation and Ms Tamike Boothe, brand manager, Cover Girl Jamaica and Benjamin’s cosmetics, provided tips for members of the beauty sector.

The second episode focused on agriculture and had Mr. Raphael Setal, Mrs. Rose Miller and Mr. Owen Scarlett, director, Agro Park Development, who offered advice to farmers and other members of the manufacturing sector.

The final episode offered guidance to members of the tourism sector. Mr. Peter Campbell, managing director, Golf View Hotel in Mandeville and Mrs Peta-Gay Miller Walker, assistant vice president,  sales and client services, JN Fund Managers, provided information on how small and  medium tourism enterprises could weather the pandemic.

Miss Atkinson said that in the upcoming months JNSBL would be providing more avenues to assist clients as part of its thrust to ensure they emerge from the pandemic even more successful than before.

“We believe that by providing assistance and tips, we are positioning our clients to not just survive this difficult time, but also grow when the economy rebounds,” she stated.

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