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Kimala Clarke, mortgage specialist at JN Bank’s Florida Representative Office

Seeing the broad smile on a customer’s face who knows that he or she now owns a home in Jamaica, is one of the greatest satisfactions that Kimala Clarke, mortgage specialist at JN Bank’s Florida Representative Office, gets from her job.

“I enjoy interacting with our members, as they are usually anxious and eager to acquire their home,” she revealed while highlighting what she appreciates most about her work with the JN Group. “I am also aware that everything is time-sensitive and most of all, I welcome the satisfaction I see in the smiles on everyone’s face, knowing that they actually own a piece of the island’.”

Ms. Clarke’s passion for her job started in Jamaica while she was employed as a loans officer, at JN Small Business Loans(JNSBL), 2008 to 2014. There she assisted members to secure loans to invest and expand their small business operations.

After migrating to Florida, she lived in an area close to a JN Representative Office; and subsequently applied for the position of Mortgage Officer in 2015. She was hired and has been working there since.

“I like working at Jamaica National, I love the sense of family, and over the years JN has helped me in my professional development,” she related.

Born in Newport, Manchester, Jamaica, Ms. Clarke attended Manchester High School and then pursued an Associate Degree in Business at Bethlehem Moravian College in St Elizabeth. She subsequently matriculated at The University of the West Indies, where she completed her first degree in Business Administration (2003-2006); and later acquired her MBA in Finance from the University of Technology (2010-2012), Jamaica.

Wife, and mother of a three-year-old girl, she said she misses Jamaican fruits and ground provision. She also misses the aesthetic beauty of her country.” I always reminisce about going to the beach and feeling the cool breeze caressing my face and the sand between my toes,” she said.

However, Ms. Clarke believes in blossoming wherever she is planted. “I strive to excel in my job as I am result-driven. I am motivated daily to achieve or even exceed expectations by making a positive impact on someone’s life when I assist them to acquire a home in Jamaica,” she stated.

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