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Another year has flown by quickly on our journey towards success as a people and country, as JN Bank maintained its commitment to improve the lives of its members throughout 2018.

True to the philosophy of the JN Brand, we remained a movement for personal growth and success, as well as nation-building, providing our members and customers with access to financial products and services to achieve their potential. These included an expanded range of options to finance home and property purchases, and importantly, a significant contraction of the time it normally takes to receive mortgage financing.

The decision to embark on these initiatives was not taken lightly, but done after careful consideration about how we could strengthen the process of financing to enable more Jamaicans to own a home, or property to put them on a path to attaining success.

Home and property remain crucial to the development of our people. Not only is it an asset that stores value and is, therefore, a source of wealth, but it forms the nest for nurturing families that form the fabric of our nation.

Families provide us with identity, love, support, security and confidence, so that as individuals we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to. Therefore, building and strengthening families remains a crucial part of the JN Bank mission, because families are basic to the creation of the values we hold as a people and the culture we promote.

Therefore, as we celebrate the season, may we focus on strengthening our families, so that we can strengthen our values and, in the final analysis, strengthen our nation. Let us treat each other as family, so that we can grow together and share in the benefits of success together.

Merry Christmas from JN Bank and may 2019 bring us all a bounty of success!   

Curtis Martin
Managing Director
JN Bank

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