Get Information

    Our Call Centre can provide you with basic information on our products and services. Our branches and Mortgage Centres are also equipped to provide you with general information.

    A personal Mobile Loan Officer will be assigned to you
    A personal Mobile Loan Officer will be assigned to you and will make contact within 24 hours. Your Mobile Mortgage Officer will be your resource and point of contact throughout the process.

    We will conduct a pre-interview
    Pre-interviews are helpful in determining your needs. Your assigned Mobile Loan Officer will share our Mortgage Financing Options, thereby allowing you to select the one best suited to you.

    Get pre-approved to determine how much you can borrow
    Pre-approval is a great service that we offer. Simply provide us with documents to verify your income and monthly commitments. We will then determine how much you can borrow and will present you with a pre-approval letter, along with a checklist of documents which will be required for the loan application. With this, you are ready to “Shop for Property” and are in a better position to negotiate with your realtor or vendor.

    Complete the loan application
    Once you have all of the documents on your checklist, you are now in a position to complete the official loan application with your Mobile Loan Officer. Upon completion*, you will be advised of the next steps.

    *Completion is subject to all documents being in order

    Your loan application is submitted for consideration

    JN Bank makes credit decisions on a daily basis. Your Mobile Loan Officer will update you on the status of your application and the final outcome. If additional information is required, we will inform you and work with you to submit for further consideration. A decision is usually made within two to five working days of submission.

    You will be required to open a JN savings account, if you don’t already have one, to deposit your closing cost. To open your savings account, you must provide a valid photo ID, verification of your address and employment; source of funds, two character references and your unique identification number (TRN, SSN, NIN, or SIN).

    Commitment Letter and Offer of Finance
    Once your loan is approved, a Commitment Letter and Offer of Finance will be prepared and issued as appropriate. This is usually done within a day of approval.

    The Legal Process begins

    • A firm of Attorneys on our Panel will be instructed to prepare the legal documents and see to the registration of the mortgage on the Certificate of Title. Where feasible, you will be required to visit their offices to execute/sign the documents or, if required, they can be sent to you for signing.
    • As required by statute, our Attorney will send the mortgage documents to the Stamp Commissioner and the Registrar of Titles for stamping and registration respectively.

    Loan is paid out

    Upon registration of the mortgage, our Attorney will give clearance for the loan to be disbursed. This is normally done within two days of our receiving the request, provided all conditions of approval have been satisfied. Your Mobile Mortgage Officer will then have a conversation with you regarding the details of the disbursement and respond to any queries that you may have. You will also receive a disbursement letter by mail.

    You’re a new property owner!
    The property will now be turned over to you by the vendor’s Attorney, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in your agreement for sale.

    Servicing your mortgage
    Now that you are the proud owner of property, we want to help you keep it that way. Simply service your mortgage well by making your payments on or before the due date each month. Bear in mind that overdue payments attract late charges, and depending on the extent of the arrears, other fees may apply.

    Remember to always talk to your Mobile Loan Officer about any concerns or challenges that you may have with servicing your loan.