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Welcome to the first in our monthly Do it on JN Bank LIVE series, where we will be telling you how to make the most of our online banking platform with convenience at your fingertips. There are several features that you can utilise on JN LIVE to make your banking experience and daily life much easier. One such feature is bill payment. Paying for utilities in particular is free and the transaction goes through quickly!

Paying a bill on JN Bank LIVE is pretty easy. First you’ll need to know which bill you are paying and the account number and of course have enough money in your account. Here are five easy steps to pay a bill on JN- Bank LIVE:

Step 1– Sign into JN Bank LIVE

Step 2-Select “Payments”

Step 3– Click “Single and Multiple Payments”

Step 4– Select the “source account” which the payment will be taken from, the category of payment and the company; then insert the “contract/invoice ID” (account number) and the amount you wish to pay.

Step 5– Click “Pay”

It’s as easy as that. You can also save your billers so that you don’t have to re-enter the information each time you want to pay, by clicking “Payments”, then “Set up Billers” and inputting the required information. When you’re ready to pay, just click “Payments”, then “Saved Billers” to select the bills you want to pay.

Look out for more tips in our Do it on JN Bank LIVE series next month!

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