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Need to deposit or withdraw cash? Save valuable time by getting this done with our JN Bank Smart Automated Teller Machines (ATM). These incredibly efficient machines are located at JN Bank locations across the island and possess even more unique features than simple deposits and withdrawals.

“With our Smart ATMs, you can deposit funds without the use of a debit card by using the e-deposit function, also referred to as cardless deposit. All you need to do this transaction is the recipient’s account and cellphone number,” said Ricardo Williams, head of branches (eastern), JN Bank.

He added that all deposits are also real-time, which means they are reflected in the accounts immediately. Once a working cellphone number is assigned to the account, the account holder will receive a text message with the amount that has been deposited.

The Smart machines can also accept JN Small Business Loans’ payments, and this is done by clients entering their account numbers and the amount they wish to pay.

Like other ATMs, the machines can also do balance enquiries. The next time you think about joining a line to do a deposit or withdrawal, remember that our smart ATMs are available for quick and easy transactions. Plus, you can withdraw up to $100,000 in a day at JN Bank ATMs.

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