Frequently Asked Questions about Accounts Opened Using the Simplified Due Diligence Method

    There are many benefits to having a JN Bank account! Here are a few:

    • It assists you to better manage your cash, by providing you with the convenience of withdrawing only what you need and the opportunity to save the rest securely
    • You can swipe your debit card at stores to make purchases without the need to walk with ‘hard cash’. Therefore, it provides you with security
    • It helps you to develop a ‘financial footprint’, meaning it provides banks with a history of your financial pattern, which will be helpful when you want to borrow from the bank
    • It provides you with the benefit of accessing discounts by showing your JN Bank card at several stores known as JN Merchants in our JN Rewards programme. You could receive discounts of between five and 20 per cent on your purchase when you show or swipe your card

    JN Bank has made it much easier for you to open an account. Depending on how you plan to use your account, all you need to provide is your tax registration number, also known as your TRN, and a national ID, such as your driver’s licence (TRN not necessary with driver’s licence, as TRN is inscribed on licence); Elector Registration Card or passport. You will also need to complete a few JN Bank forms that will be provided to you when opening your account.

    If you’re opening your account with only your TRN and ID, you will be able to deposit no more than $200,000 monthly to your account. In addition, you will not be allowed to accept deposits to your account via wire transfers, however, you can send wire transfers from your account.

    You may open regular savings accounts with a minimum deposit of $2,500; a Partna Plan with $1,000 or a long-term savings account with $25,000, using your TRN and ID. However, you cannot open a foreign currency and chequing accounts using only your TRN and ID.

    Unfortunately, you cannot. If you wish to maintain a foreign currency account, chequing account or simply want to increase the amount that can be deposited to your account monthly, you will need to provide us with additional customer information in keeping with the law.

    Of course you do! And with your debit card you can also access discounts at several stores known as our JN Merchants in our JN Rewards programme, by simply showing or swiping your card to make purchases. You could receive a discount of between five and 20 per cent on your purchase.

    Certainly you can! This means you will have the opportunity to better manage your money and bank conveniently; establish a financial history that you can use when you need a loan, for example; and access discounts with your JN Bank debit card.

    Unfortunately no.  If you want to have an account using only your TRN and ID, you will have to open a new account.

    Yes, you can hold your account jointly with someone else. The joint account holder(s) will also need to present their TRN and valid ID in order to open the account.

    Persons under 18 years-old, only need a valid ID to open an account. To open an account for a child age 11 and under, an adult must accompany the child and must also be on the account. The adult will need to take along the child’s birth certificate.

    Children 12 to 17 years-old can open an account on their own using a valid student identification card that bears their signature and the signature of the school principal.

    Unfortunately, no. You would need to provide more information to open your account if you are unemployed at the moment. Only adults on government assistance programmes, such as the PATH programme, Poor Relief or pension beneficiaries will be allowed to open accounts using only their TRN and valid government-issued ID.