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Several realtors and developers from across the island contributed to the success of the recent inaugural staging of the mortgage and real estate event, the JN Bank Open House. The event was held on Sunday, July 24, in the parking lot of the JN Bank Chief Office in Half Way Tree, St Andrew.

With some 20 booths on display, hundreds of prospective mortgagors made their way to each exhibitor and engaged realtors and developers in conversations on homeownership.

Petal James, chief of retail sales, JN Group, said patrons gave the event and the information provided excellent reviews and emphasised JN’s gratitude to realtors and developers for the depth of information provided on housing developments and real estate services to prospective buyers to assist them with preparing for homeownership.

“We are grateful for the important relationships we have forged with various realtors and developers over the years,” she said. As the number one mortgagee in Jamaica, they have been critical to our success as they are the ones who either build the properties or provide a listing of available properties for purchase.”

Ms James underscored that realtors and developers are critical to the mortgage process and she thanked them for their continued support and partnership.

She added that JN Bank will be rolling out more events of this nature across the country.

WATCH NOW: Video Highlights from the JN Bank Open House

Here are some photo highlights from the JN Bank Open House:


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